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Featured Genuine mechanic/service centre?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Chickon2wheels, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Hi guys I'm new on here, being a girl with no idea on servicing or the mechanics of a bike I've had my fair share of dodgy services. Last service I had they didn't tighten my rear wheel properly and thankfully they had also twisted my fuel line which made the bike stall and my cousin come rescue me on the side of the fwy only to be able to spin my nut holding the rear tyre on with his finger!
    I'm after a reliable and honest mechanic I'm in the northern melb suburbs but work in eastern. Unfortunately the last place I was serviced (that twisted my fuel line and left my rear tyre nut loose) was Intyre who I was happy with previously but have out me off going back now.

    Any advice on some trustworthy mechanics would be great, I have a QJ Supershadow 250 (jap bike)which is literally a copy of a Yamaha virago and uses the same parts.

    Thanks Guys :)
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  3. Hey Chicky
    out east there is Mototecnic in Knoxfield
    they do all my servicing and highly recommend them
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  4. +1 high octane, the guy really cares.
  5. While plenty of people have had good experiences with High Octane i won't ever be going back after they had my bike there for a good 4 months for my carbys to be cleaned and when i got it back the fuel hose fell off after 20 k's causing me to be stuck on the side of the road.

    Even though they're a dealer and in general dealers are pains Evolution Yamaha have only been great when I've taken my bike there.
  6. On the other hand I have had very poor service from Evolution. They were unable to diagnose a bent valve stem, failed to do a compression test when the noise alone should have alerted them to the fact that there was a compression issue. I have had bikes back from them with missing fairing screws. I will temper this though with since those incidents the service manager that was there has moved on so they may have improved.
  7. +1 High Octane
  8. Raceway in Niddrie have always looked after me.
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    Cheers unc
    Cheers uncle Greg but I'm in northern burbs?

    I took it into Harley city in Brunswick thinking they would be good from reviews I've read.. Picked up the bike road for a couple of kms and it starting cutting out on me-never had issues before, called them up and told them it was like a cable wasn't connected properly they laughed me off and told me to bring it back for hen to look at and treated me like a dumb girl as per usual unfortunately.. Seems I was right they hadn't connected my negative battery terminal back on properly!! Didn't offer anything other than a sheepish yeah not sure how that happened! And cut me off when j said that wasn't good enough and picked on some oxidizing on the forks! Was not impressed

    Any chance anyone knows where I can learn some DIY basic maintenance lessons to ensure I'm not ripped off and treated like a ditsy blond constantly?
  10. You're not having a lot of luck chickon :(
  11. Raceway Motorcycles in Niddrie have this coming up. I have never used them for anything but a test ride. No hassles after I left and said no thanks.

  12. A tenner and lunch provided?? Barjin.
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  13. HOME offers classes for maintenance and self service, they also have a membership where you can use their garage/tools if you don't have the tools/space at home. I haven't had a chance to try them yet but plan to in the future.

    also am due to having my bike serviced by high octane tomorrow so I'll report back with my experience. (hopefully it's good!)
  14. you can stay at my place while its serviced

    they sound like sexist arseholes

    often we have spanner days on netrider
  15. John from High Octane arrived to pick up my bike on Tuesday. Easy to talk with and felt comfortable asking questions in regards to what steps I can take with performing simple chain maintenance etc. He returned the bike Wednesday evening and took the time to explain the procedures they went through with the bike, he also carries around a portable CC POS device making it easy to pay for via card.

    The vehicle that he picked up/dropped off was a large van with wheel chocks and ratchet straps to secure the bike via transport to and from the garage.

    Overall I was happy with their quality of service and plan to have my bike serviced with them in the future. so +1 for High Octane.