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Genuine Honda Motor Oil

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by MotoRecoveryTransport, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. hiya guys

    i have X20 - 1LTR bottles of genuine Honda HP4-M SAE-10w30 synthetic/petroleum blend with moly motor oil.

    $10 per 1LTR bottle... pickups or postage welcome (post $6.50 - x1 bottle)



  2. now $8.00 per bottle
  3. i have more of the 10w-30 engine oil if anyone wants more..
    i priced this stuff today and its $18.60 per liter or $70.00 4ltrs.

    i noticed some were concerned about the weight of the oil? this is used in all Honda`s new bikes now (250`s onwards) and the idea of the 10w-30 is to keep emissions down. IN SHORT: if your lazy with servicing then this oil is not for you, if you service on time or before like i do then this is for you.. i have it in a few bikes now and i have no trouble with it at all and i even service scooters with it and they seem to really like the lighter oil.. remember it is a synthetic oil with moly...

    im still only asking $8.00 per ltr.. pick up or postage welcome.. save on postage by buying more than one..
  4. Where would pickup be? I'm in melbs south east
  5. im in the westside champ in maidstone/footscray 3012

    how many were you after as theirs only 9 bottles left ok.
  6. replied & sent you a txt (y)
  7. have just picked up 7 more boxes of oil.. CBR owners this oil is for you!
  8. What's the significance of having moly in it?
  9. Moly exists as microscopic hexagonal crystal platelets Several molecules make up one of these platelets. A single molecule of Moly contains two sulfur atoms and one molybdenum atom. Moly platelets are attracted to metal surfaces. This attraction and the force of moving engine parts rubbing across one another provide the necessary thermochemical reaction necessary for Moly to form an overlapping protective coating like armor on all of your engine parts. This protective armor coating has a number of properties that are very beneficial for your engine.

    The Moly platelets that make up the protective layers on your engine surfaces slide across one another very easily. Instead of metal rubbing against metal, you have Moly platelets moving across one another protecting and lubricating the metal engine parts.

    This coating effectively fills in the microscopic pores that cover the surface of all engine parts, making them smoother. This feature is important in providing an effective seal on the combustion chamber. By filling in the craters and pores Moly improves this seal allowing for more efficient combustion and engine performance.

    This overlapping coating of Moly also gives protection against loading (perpendicular) forces. These forces occur on the bearings, and lifters. The high pressures that occur between these moving parts tend to squeeze normal lubricants out Eventually, there is metal to metal contact, which damages these moving parts and creates large amounts of heat. Fortunately, this is not the case with some lubricants.The layer of moly that forms on these moving surfaces can withstand pressures of 500,000 psi, without being squeezed out.
  10. oh and i must add, if you are breaking in a new engine/bike then do not use this oil till your bikes done the outside run in kilometers and keep using standard factory specified oil blend as synthetic oil is not good to break in engines
  11. also no good with hbc street racer kevlar clutch plates as well
  12. yeah no good for top alcohol drag bikes as well..
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  15. Don't shoot the messenger....According to the Honda website there is 'HP4' and 'HP4-M'.

    "Thanks to the establishment of JASO standards, HP4’s extraordinary additive package offers increased anti-foaming qualities, higher viscosity index for stability over a broader range of temperatures, and even greater shear stability than most other oils.

    Naturally, HP4 blends the heat stability and shear resistance of synthetic oil with mineral oil’s natural lubricity yielding premium quality four-stroke engine oil. Best of all, HP4 is approved for use in all Honda Power sports products.

    The Honda oil good enough to win a multitude of Australian National road racing championships as well as the gruelling Australian Safari."

    "Honda Genuine Oil 4 Stroke SJ 10W30 JASO MB is a low friction motorcycle oil specially developed for use in all Honda Automatic Transmission motorcycles & scooters with a dry clutch.

    HP4-M oil is a semi synthetic motorcycle oil specially formulated with a highly refined base oil for use in all Honda AT motorcycles and scooters. It exceeds the most stringent requirements set by Honda R & D Japan and provides better fuel economy than other engine oils.

    Characteristics include better fuel efficiency, superior low-temperature performance, ensures full protection for the engine, long life engine oil."
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