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Genuine Fuel Pipe Or Tubing?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by RobE, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Can I get away with replacing the Honda Hornet's rubber fuel pipe with a length of generic straight fuel pipe tubing or must I buy the genuine Honda part?

    The main concern is the possibility of restricting the fuel flow due to bends in the pipe reducing the inside diameter.

    This is the flexible rubber pipe that runs from the fuel tap down to the supply connection hoses to the carbs. It has a few bends and squiggles but nothing too drastic. A removable plastic armature leads it through a bend to fit under the carbies.

    Also do any other Hornet riders/tinkerers have any tips for getting the hose back on without the blue language?

    I wish the Japanese had bigger fingers. :censored:



    This a continutation of this repair story https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=103323&highlight=neutral+light+hornet.

    When a new sensor and new globe failled to fix the problem I just a gave up. After putting up with hoping I was taking-off in first for far too long I finaly settled in to do a proper search.

    I discovered a loss of continuity for the neutral light somewhere in the wiring between the steering head and the junction connectors. Of course this is in the major wiring bundle that runs under the tank. Off came the tank and, rather than unravel miles of insulation tape, I spliced in a new wire. Easy!

    But in the process of putting it all back together I had bulk trouble reconnecting the fuel line to the tap spiggot. Due to some clumsy screwdriver probing I tore the hose and buggered up the aluminium choke slider. The slider came good after some blacksmithing but I don't trust fixing the fuel pipe with some wraps of insulating tape.

  2. Take the damaged original down to an automotive shop - even SuperCheap have fuel line in various diameters. Get one that matches.

    Failing that, buy some EFI fuel line (more expensive) with a matching internal diameter. I've done this on my RS125 with no worries, replacing poxy original line which had degraded.

    Cheers - boingk
  3. Yep, I replaced my OEm hose on the Z1000 with hi Pressure FI hose and clamps.

    It provided much needed extension when removing the tank.

    Costed $16.50 from the usual automotive retailer (ouch).

    Been fine for the past few hundred kms. (y)

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  4. Yep .. fuel line and vacuum hose .. they're a bastard to attach to the fuel tap!
    I feel your pain mate..
    I ended up replacing it when standard fuel line and put a inline adapter half way down. My intention was to undo the clamp half way down and remove/lift the tank with fuel line still attached to the fuel tap. Problem there is the fuel line rubs hard about carb choke linkages when lifting tank. ( will eventually rupture fuel line ).
    Haven't looked into EFI lines .. may be a better solution.
  5. vcm, have you considered getting a spring type guard to put around said fuel line to protect it from the rubbing?
  6. Similar to those fitted around radiator hoses ?
    Damn, why didn't I think of that
  7. Thanks guys; I nods me helmet to youse.

    1m of tubing from Repco and some screw clamps from the left-overs container; all fixed.