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Gents, is this your Harley experience?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by robsalvv, Feb 11, 2013.

  2. lmao.... oh boy.
  3. Errrr umm yeah ok lol
  4. Yep, happens all the time. Lol
  5. At least they are taking the urine out of themselves by posting ' tell us your fishing story ' at the end.

    But what is the sports bike rider worried about ?
    All the excess weight it gone.... Head to the hills !!!
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  6. he should be worried that he picked up a girl wearing a helmet like that in the first place....
  7. lol Talk about a big slab of cheeze!! That'll definitely change their image to a bunch of soft city sodapop drinking tossers rather than the stereotypical, hard ass mean bearded men!

    And putting aside the beige comments about the chicks without gear etc - I reckon a chick pillioning a sportsbike looks hotter than on a cruiser, given the seating position! Especially with the short shorts! And for all you lady riders out there, it looks hot with leather too ;)
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  8. There's a reason that HD have never attempted to update and eradicate those monster vibes. This is it.
    And yes, it does work for some. Although it's a bit like fishing for carp.
  9. Harley going after the scooter demographics lol..........

    The only things these Yuppie Harley riders will be picking up is a huge bill from some hairy mechanic lol...........
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  10. And sports bikes don't get huge bills? You should be the expert on mechanic bills Malcolm
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  11. Lol yeah theres bills all the time Goz, thats why I try to do as much as I can before handing it off to the mechanic...............any bikes or cars for that matter that cost 2 or 3 times more than other bikes will in most cases have higher costs in parts and servicing :p..................
  12. Squids........

    Sorry guys - I had to ...... lmfao
  13. I have nothing against homosexuals but...that is ghey as fcuk!
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  14. #14 Hypervisor, Feb 11, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2013
    I have to admit the bagger is hot!

    Something like this would be super tasty!


    Also totally agree that the supersports bike rider is like *cha-ching*

    1. Better power to weight ratio
    2. Should have planned some twisties and not gone to the city
    3. Now can lean hard
    4. Now I only need to buy 1 helmet and 1 set of leathers
    5. The only whining is coming form a 4 banger at 10,000rpm

    Clearly the HD owner already has too much expendable income (seen by owning the HD), hence why the women go to them.

    The blonde chick at the start was wearing leather... Not sure if that's Standards approved abrasion resistant tho :D
  15. Wrong. The reason why skanky women are often attracted to H-D types is simply because they're skanks and they think all Harley owners are bikies who can supply them with a cornucopia of pharmacopoeia.
    Also, Harleys are well known to be the worlds largest vibrator; again, skanky women....
  16. No matter what bike, wouldn't be hopping on the back with any of those guys.....:D
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  17. I dunno, I don't think chicks are attracted to bikes at all, I think it's a myth created by men and believed only by men. If she's attracted to your bike it's for one of two reasons:
    1. she's trying to piss her father off
    2. (As above) she thinks you can supply her with drugs

    It's not going to be money, people who ride aren't viewed as wealthy. If she's after money she'll go for the guy with the popped collar, a tennis tan, in a sports car.

    Of course HD perpetuate these myths so they can sell more bikes. But at the end of the day chaps, you're only impressing other men with your choice of steed, not the ladies :)
    (Unless she rides and wants the same bike)
  18. Perhaps all those ladies were on their way to Starbucks anyway and just wanted a free ride.
  19. Me either ... what a bunch of footdraggers :ROFLMAO:

    The real question is who the hell has such bad fashion sense that they think those pudding basins look cool o_O
  20. Lol hilarious. I bet those full dress baggers really turn them on.

    I wouldn't want to date a chick who wasn't physically and mentally capable to get on the back of a superbike. I test rode a cruiser with my gf on the back once and I was scared she'd love it. Her comments were "that was lame you just sit there like a slob".

    It's a glorified wheelchair. Me and my mrs will happily ride cruisers when we're geriatrics I'm sure.
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