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Gentlemen, Let's talk suits.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Think it's about time to buy a suit.

    Need one for the odd formal occasion.

    Also, being a typically practical male, if I can get away with it, my eventual wedding...(<---thought's/opinions on this.)

    Those that wear 'em, weigh in please.


    What, Where, How, $$$...

    NOT interested in the wanky pinstrip look!

  2. If it's a case of "what can I get away with" why would you bother with a suit at all? My wedding outfit was tight black jeans (back when I had the figure for it a long time ago :D), pirate shirt and a pair of harness boots I'd been wearing on the bike for a couple of years (I did polish them though). Much cheaper, more comfortable and dashing than a suit that I was trying "to get away with".
  3. herringbone suits and nothing else for me. They have a shop in QBV, circular quay and a factory outlet in surry hills

    p.s. i wear suits for work
  4. Pinstripes can be quite attractive, but it depends on the stripe, the colour and the fabric.

    I asked a mate and his suggestion was .....
  5. You buy a decent suit you get two pairs of pants.
    They last. As forit going with the wedding lol wifey will decide that.
    Retail is starving and it's a great time to buy.
    Sydney's not bad but Melbourne is the place to go for a good suit. Aka a $1,500 suit.
  6. ..... Two words... Double breasted

    They look damn smart!!.....\\:D/
  7. Double breasted will make you look 70, so if that's your target market then go for it...

    I've got a versace suit, bought it during my yuppie phase was circa $1700. It's black with a very subtle black broad pinstripe throughout. Single breasted, two button. Money well spent, had it taken in slightly where needed to suit my god-like physique and it has been worn to weddings, funerals, work functions, general suiting-up and the occasional big night out but still wanna be classy. A good suit can make a man. How often do you buy one, anyway? Don't let price be the object (if you have that luxury), and go for what suits you best (pun intended).

    For our climate definitely go with a lighter suit material and layer up if it's cold. Black is boss as it can be worn practically to any occasion. And don't forget all the accessories (nice sunnies, cufflinks, ties, tieclips if thats your thing, fancy shoes, jewellery, belts, cologne etc etc).

    Oh, and don't buy it as if you were going to grow into it. The worst thing in the world is a suit that is too big.
  8. Ah suits, how i love them so very much. Unfortunately I overheat really really easily so I don't get to wear them except in the dead of winter. Can't wear them for work anyway (my current goal is a job that allows me to wear/afford suits). Last suit was about $400, next will defs be tailor made
  9. if you want to spend alot.. Hugo Boss Suits are always nice.

    My personal favorite are Ted Baker ones.. which range from $400 - $1k usually
  10. It really depends on your budget - having said that, cheap and ill fitting suits not only look bad they normally don't last long (cheap). Like bikes, you get what you pay for.

    Check out myer, sometimes they have good sales on and you might get a boss or a ted baker for around 700 - 850. Anything more than that you really shouldn't buy off the rack, you should have it taylor made with your choice of cut, material and lining. Always get 2 pairs of pants if possible.
  11. Roger david eastgardens on a monday. I think it's monday at least. Super hot greek girl. And I mean super. Who cares how much (about 5 to 6 hundred).
  12. I imagine you can still get inexpensive and quick tailor made suits in Hong Kong and they are often of remarkably good quality given the price.
  13. Do not ever buy a cheap suit - you really do get what you pay for with suits. Look for a classic cut - don't go with fashion and darker is better than lighter. A classic cut will not date and will stay looking good for a long time.

    Any good retailer or tailor should be able to give you decent advice.
  14. If you're after a cheap made to measure suit, have a look at Indochino online :)
  15. Yeah, I known about the HK tailors. Will be stopping over early next yr but unfortunately can't take advantage of this...

    Anyone recommend a tailor?
  16. tailored suits...
    Personally, I like the single breasted 3 button look. Very retro but I like it hehe.
  17. Classic Grey/Charcoal Grey/Black always stay in fashion. 3 button looks good IMO and on an odd occasion you can wear them with a nice shirt and jeans as well.

    Try to get the 2-pants deal if you can. Starting from $400 onwards you can get decent suits.

    I prefer Van Heusen, Studio Italia but there are some other good brands as well. Boxing day sale might give you some good deals.
  18. When I started the business, it was suit and tie every day. Now its draggins, alpine star boots and a button up shirt. About to change the last bit to a polo soon.

    I spent a lot of coin on suits over the years, boss, durban, paul smith... They are all the same.

    Buy a suit with 2 pairs of pants, cause they pants wear out first. I have about 10 jackets here that dont have pants. All useless but I just cant bring myself to throw them away after spending so much money. Good manufacturers like Durban will have replacement pants, but they never match the colour of the jacket. Always alternate dry cleaning of the pants.
  19. Hoi An tailors. I'm suited every day and usually in a sub $150 suit from Nam that look awesome. If you don't want to blow a wad of cash just go to Peter Jacksons. Decent quality and styles for $400ish. That or TM Lewin from the UK. I personally don't like to spend heaps on suits. Shirts and ties are much more important anyway as you usually leave your jacket on a chair, coat stand etc.
  20. Just start wearing some of them with jeans. Suit jackts usually look good with a nice straight leg or a boot-cut jeans and brown or black leather shoes.