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Gentemen's cup - W800 maddness

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Orb, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Take some W800's, change a few bits and then race them around dirt and supermoto tracks. Why doesn't this happen here?

    Anybody else want one? :D

  2. Nice. Bikes are very reminiscent of 1960s Brit twin flat-trackers.
  3. I had a test ride on a W800 last week, lovely bike. Reminiscent of the old brit twins but so much better. Am very tempted to get one as my next project bike.
  4. Any more to say about the W after the test ride? None of the shops here allow test rides :shifty:
    Here's some of the parts they use for the gents' cup.
  5. Comments on the test ride - I've ridden probably over 70 bikes over the years from farm hacks to Suzuki Gamma 250 and 500's, cruisers, pocket rockets etc. However the W is one of the few bikes I've ridden that felt "happy" - it just made me feel good, it's not fast, powerful or intimidating but felt willing to do everything I wanted it to do without imposing itself on me.
    The test ride was maybe 30K's of back road and relatively fast twisties, I was able to get up to speed easily and didn't feel that the skinny wheels were of any hindrance. The bike turns in easily and changed direction in the corners with no problems.
    The gearbox was faultless, no false neutrals or missed gears.
    The engine is quite chatty, but in a good way, the external bevel cam gave the engine some character too.
    I came away from the ride feeling calm, not in the least bit frazzled and a lot happier than when I got on it.
    All in all a thoroughly nice bike that you can ride hard without feeling paranoid that you'll be facing a $1000 speeding fine.
    The only minus point I can think of is that the mirrors were pretty useless due to the vibrations, but it is an air cooled twin so that's to be expected.
    For me it's the perfect antidote to my current daily ride which, whilst fantastic, is a bit of a beast. If I do get one I'd probably use it for daily riding and the odd mid week run out for trips up to 100km's and keep my M109 for longer trips or when I really want to blast around.
    I definitely recommend the W800 for riders who've been in the saddle for a few years and have nothing to prove and want a bit of class, or someone coming off a restricted licence and don't want something overpowering as a first "big" bike.

    Almost forgot, the build quality is incredible I don't know how they do it for the money I've heard of $10K OTR deals if you go to the right dealer.

    Hope this helps.
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  6. It does, thanks.
  7. mattb in Melbourne loves his, and one day when I'm rich and fatuous I'm going to relive my old XS-650 days with one.....
  8. Well you're half way there :p
  9. and a merry christmas to you too :blackeye:
  10. Seriously good fun.
  11. Brilliant bike! (I've got the 650, which appears to have all the same engine characteristics, but the 800 is 100cc more of the same good stuff). I've owned mine for just over a year now and can't think of a bike I's prefer.

    I think of it, mechanically, as a twin-cylinder SR500 in the sense of being able to work on it at home, it being rather simple.

    Nowhere on the internet have I seen a W (first released in 1999) with engine failure. I've seen a few sold in perfect running order with 150,000km. I have not found a single fault with the model in all my net research.

    The engine pulls from nothing. Yesterday I was stuck in traffic that was crawling through road works on the Hume near Yass. I had my right hand on my hip, the left on the bars but touching no controls, and the bike was pulling me along smoothly at 900rpm.

    Between 3000-4000rpm the pulses become strong so that you get this purring big twin feel. Above 4000 the bike is smooth. This means that if I am doing big miles on the highway I sit in fourth, at just above 4000rpm, and if I want to cruise and feel the character I sit in fifth, at about 3,800rpm (adjusting for speedo optimism).

    Like 109er, I find that this bike makes me feel relaxed. At the same time you can rev and lean and have a heap of fun in the twisties. And you never get tired of looking at it!
  12. 6 days till full licence... W800 in the shop...
  13. Do it!
    Do you have any thoughts re. accessories and customising or would you keep it stock?
  14. LSL style remus exhaust (cheaper to get one from the UK than to get the staintune, and better looking IMO), smaller light with new mounts, smaller clocks, small indicators and tail light, different fenders, "bash"plate, ect ect.
    Scrambler like one in the videos above basically.
    Oh and get it tuned by caferacercarl, north of Bathurst.
  15. I look forward to the pics.
  16. You won't regret it.
  17. I hope not Matt, I pick her up Friday / Saturday.
    2012 model for 10,990. Spent the afternoon looking at parts.
  18. Knock out price! I recommend some nicer sounding mufflers and upgrading the suspension - the usual - otherwise it's all just aesthetic.
  19. How do you find the drum brakes at the back?
  20. Will tell you after I go on a decent ride.

    Think I found some pipes...
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