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Genmar Handlebar risers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pedro78, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Genmar Handlebar risers

    They claim that by raising the handlebars 19mm it helps to relieve wrist and neck pain on long rides.

    Has anyone purchased a set of Genmar Handlebar risers and if so have they actually made much of a difference?

  2. If you want to make a sports bike into a sports tourer, it's a good way to start.
  3. I bought some for my bike and took them off again after a couple of months. Yes they raise the handlebars but I reckon they're ugly. Some people reckon they make quite a difference but IMO they didn't. They're also expensive for what they are.

    Maybe you could get a new set of higher bars and sell your old stock (?) ones, which is possibly a cheaper, better looking option.
  4. I've just fitted them to my FZR600 and after the first ride I'm thinking I should have done it years ago.
    Just enough lift to make a difference but still a sports bike position, I've always thought that the FZR was too much of a stretch.

    Now for the Fzr1000

  5. Just put a set of tese on my VFR800, wish I'd known about them years ago. Very simple, very effective, really like the result.