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Genisis Revisited - Religion and science together at last!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, May 31, 2009.

  1. #1 Not4Resale, May 31, 2009
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    Hopefully now the Evolutionists and Design proponents can co-exist peacefully with an abridged version of the genesis account using scientific terminology and current knoweldge.


    So what does everybody think about this?

    Finally the arguing can end! :grin:

  2. The arguing is probably about to start.
  3. It's all wrong.

    The power of awesome created everything and is now manifested in me.
  4. That should be mandatory viewing.
  5. What a fantastic piss take of creationists!
  6. Brilliant....
  7. I'm getting mighty sick of all these creationism/religious/christian bashing threads round here lately.

    However, that was pretty funny.
  8. I think they get a fair run Dougz. The athiests throw around a bit of smug ridicule. The fundy's go and shoot another late term abortion doctor.
  9. You're probably right Devo, but I don't see any 'aethiests are dicks because...' threads on here. Just seems pretty one sided and petty to me.
  10. That's because they haven't had much to be smug about for a long while. Just wait till Jesus returns, then we'll be hearing nothing but blah-blah-blah-I-told-you-so.
  11. :rofl: Line of the week mate. You just made my night :) Cheers
  12. I'm going to feel mighty silly when that does happen! Too bad it'll be too late by this point. Figures, the god blokes is invisible and leaves nature alone till the damned rapture when its too late cause there's actual evidence!

    It's a catch 22 damn it!

    It's a thought provoking thread. As much as it is a slap in the face to creationists, it does illustrate a very legitimate point. The account of creation in genesis is not a feasible nor useful explanation of how we got here. It is mind boggling why the story is even necessary! I mean if we can ignore most of the laws in leviticus, why should any of the old testament be regarded as anything but outdated dogma? and without the fall of man, the ultimate sacrifice is unnecassary so there's no damn point to maintaining a belief in the entire thing!
  13. Not disputing that. Just asking that you find another topic to bash for a change. There seems to be one of these threads every week atm.
  14. I love the graphic of god flying around with his arse out. Classic!
  15. C'mon Dougz, don't tune into the thread. Simple. Sorry mate, but that's the shovel and it's been called.

    Love ya still.

  16. I think us atheists need to keep pointing out the idiocy of religions until those who blow innocent people up and kill abortion doctors in the name of religion stop it.