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Generous pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Showing my age I know, and leaving myself open to cubic ribbing, but does any maker of kevlar/denim bike pants make a pair that's not in the modern, low-slung waist style??? I really want a pair of protective pants that actually attempts to cover a little of my lower back. I don't want to look like grandpaw, but I do want a pair of pants that finishes a bit higher than just above my tush....

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  2. I don't know about now, but Draggin used to do what I would have describe as 'traditional' denim jeans.

    And you'll get no ribbing from me, one of the reasons I don't wear kevlar jeans (albeit a minor reason) any more is because I can't seem to find a pair that are a comfortable cut.
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  3. draggin jeans....sure you will find a suitable pair.
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  4. Not an age thing hornethornet. I've been on the hunt for the ultimate pair of pants since I started out - to no real avail. I thought it was just women's designers who expect us to ride around with our midriffs showing. In some ways it is comforting to know that I'm not the only one on the hunt for higher waisted pants. To be honest I couldn't care less if I look like a granny, I just want something that will protect my lower back, hips and stomach in the event of a tumble.

    b12mickb12mick and caz64caz64, I actually found Draggin to be the worst offender when it comes to women's jeans. Is there a particular style you'd recommend? Maybe I'll just have to buy guy's pants.

    I thought perhaps I'd just settle for pants that zip to my jacket, but haven't yet found anything suitable for hot weather that'll zip to my dainese jacket. Still on the hunt. I'd go for the kevlar long johns under regular jeans if I could, but it's just way too hot up north for more layers.

    Not meaning to take over hornethornet's thread, but keen to hear suggestions too.
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  5. I have had mine for a couple of years, first pair I tried on in a shop and fit perfect and the second pair I bought online and they were also good (they are the camo ones)....I loathe the low waist crap that they call pants, forever trying to pull the rotten things up lol!! Have tried on a few other brands but none have fit that well. If all else fails I usually wear male pants as I reckon the fit is usually better...go figure!
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  6. I'm not encouraged by draggins: I bought a new pair of pants at the motorcycle show in Sydney last year, and though I asked for the most generous 'cut' they still suffer from the 'pull them up every five minutes' syndrome...
  7. My Draggin Classic mens jeans are cut a bit higher in the waist. I'm not a huge fan of their big flappy legs though.
    I got a new pair of Draggin Twista and they are more low cut, but the legs are much better.
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  8. Try Sartso or Bull-it as well..
  9. hornethornet - you're retired now right, could be the right time to exploit the clear gap in the market by introducing 'Biker's Kevlar Dungarees"
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  10. you need to change your name to
    Harry Highpants dude
  11. You're both crazy!!!
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  12. A bloke I once knew, wore very comfy looking textile pants with a high back and braces, while on his Tiger 800 Xc.
    A bit like chillibuttonchillibutton posted above, but a bit cooler looking.

    No cold drafts up the back, in those beauties... Don't recall the brand, though.
    Something I'll probably look into myself, in the near future.
  13. These look really high waisted and serious kit too.
    Jeans : 1666 Agnox
    Pity you won't find any in Oz though.
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  14. My wife would agree with you. She actually found it hard to find any motorcycle gear that fit her properly.
  15. I'm thinking of ordering these high rise Saint pants. They do a guys version too.

    With everything I've spent looking for the ultimate pair of pants, I may as well have had a set made!
  16. Draggin have different hights on the waists of our jeans, some higher than others, the best thing is to try them on. The other thing is to not get too worried about guys and girls styles. In the office we have girls in guys jeans and vice versa. A popular look is taller girls in the mens Twista. They have a higher waist and a longer leg. Another is guys wanting a classic style jean wearing the women's Classic jeans, they are slimmer in the leg and stretch.

    The current look is guys wearing the Racey jean. These are high in the waist and very skinny, they look fantastic on bother guys and girls and there is no compromise on safety, as all jeans aren't equal in performance.
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  17. Thanks for weighing in on this, can I ask how you tell what 'model' jeans you have? I can't find anything other than the large tag with laundry and care instructions...
  18. I have a set of R-Jays (cargos) and some Bull-Its (jeans, the heavy ones). Both are well cut, not those silly hip-rider things.
    I noticed myself that the larger my waist got compared to my bum the more my pants slipped down and belts went from 'nice to have' to 'necessary to comply with public decency laws'.
    Perhaps a few less pot-luck 'fellowship dinners' might help?
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