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Generic mount for PDA/GPS?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by simonr23, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. is there a bracket, or something similar that i can buy so i can attach my gps to the bike? i'm not bothered if i cant have power, but i would like to be able to use it at times.

  2. You could look at the RAM mount products, they've got every conceivable combination of mounting things.

  3. thanks guys. its a cbr600f4i. RAM mounts look good.
  4. Hi everybody! Have any of you guys got GPS's and mounts on your bikes?

    I would love to get a mount for my 2007 Suzuki GS500F and am just wondering what the best mount would be and if you guys could suggest really good but affordable gps's I would appreciate that information as well ^_^

    Thanks everyone ;-)
  5. RAM seem to make good high quality mounts. As for affordable SatNav, that depends on your definition of affordable. Both TomTom and Garmin have motorcycle specific GPS. But they are $5-600..
    Then you've got regular car satnav for whatever you can get them for (fairly cheap off ebay), then, you've probably got a functional SatNav in your pocket. Most smartphones with google maps or Waze do a reasonable job.

    It's a question of what your requirements are vs your budget.
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  6. Really that's two separate topics. If you buy a dedicated bike GPS it'll almost certainly come with it's own mount or you could find a suitable RAM mount for it.
    If you really want to discuss GPS's in detail there are other threads, or start your own. Do a search for Garmin Zumo, TomoTom Rider, Strike and other bike-specific GPS systems.
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  7. Sorry still getting the hang of forums. Thanks for the information titus! :)
  8. Hey @Sammyboy94@Sammyboy94 I have a GS500F too and use an X-grip and the hour glass mount from RAM. It fits nicely behind the gauges if you use the fairing strut. I also have a 12v & USB charger in there too.

    Pardon the dirtiness...

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  9. Very nice set up you have there. How easy is it to set up the 12v/USb charger on the bike?
  10. thanks, it is really easy. Just follow the wiring under the tank and cable tie it. Then just connect the wires to the battery. the kit comes with an inline fuse too.

  11. This is neat: "Motorcycle Hardwire Charger for iPhone" from Buybits.com
    Hard wire it to the battery, has an inline fuse, and unlike other hard wire units this one has a switch. Leads are plenty long enough to have the switch unit tucked away at the rear and the outlet end up front.
    Can get range of different connector leads - iPhone 30 pin, 8 pin, usb, micro usb etc