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Generic Motorcycle Windscreens - group buy??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by OC1, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. I have been madly purchasing stuff on eBay and some larger US bike shops and, because of the large savings I am expereincing think it may be worth organising a bulk buy of some items that Netrider members may be interested in.......

    I've already got a fair few generic bits - Disc Locks, luggage racks, top cases, bike cover, security chains - the kind of stuff that is fairly generic accross a range of bike models. All this stuff was 40 to 80% cheaper than Oz retail!

    What I am still after is a Givi or MRA screen (the mounts are normally generic) and maybe a new-fangled alarm with remote pager??

    Unsure how many people may be interested but it may be a chance to get "that" accessory that was always "too damn expensive!".
  2. Put me down for 1x sexy, rich actress. :D

    Better make that 2.
  3. Could be a good idea :idea: When are you looking at ordering?
    What site are you looking at? I'm interested in some Leather :D
  4. The items I guess is up to the members - could end up to be a huge list and maybe we need to concerntrate on specific items??

    PS. Actressess often require specific mounting plates - could be uneconomical :D
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  6. depending how cheap.. I could use some full leathers for drag or track days

    and a disc lock definitely :)
  7. i'd be in for some new boots :)
  8. I guess clothing would be a problem, as each person would have their own size/shape/color and therefore a bulk buy would be near impossible!

    I would say a shortlist would be a better way:
    -Disklocks (Xena's??)
    - security chains (although weight makes postage costs high).
    - Alarms (I like the paging type - they seem kinda cool
    - Top boxes
    - Bike covers
  9. I thought the idea was to save on postage with a bulk 'order' not just a bulk 'buy' of one particular item :roll:
    As far as I know the online retailers don't recuce their price for 'bulk orders' all that you'll save on is shipping and insurance to Oz...
  10. Sounds good to me. There are some big savings to be had there. I just looked up some helmets from the link that was posted.

    Shoei RF1000 Diabolic 2 = US$407.99
    Shoei RF1000 Diabolic 2 = AUD$530*

    *Based on the current exchange rate of about 72-73 cents for every aussie dollar. i.e. i justed multiplied by 1.3 to allow a bit of difference.

    American Shop

    Now when you consider the fact that this helmet RRP's for around $800 even after postage you are looking at a saving of around $200. Now that seems pretty good to me.

    Australian Shop

    Also if you read both websites you'll find that the write up on the helmets are identical (i.e they taken them from the shoei website and therefore there shouldn't be any problem with using it in Australia even though it is bought overseas)
  11. Wouldn't the helmet need an Australian standards sticker on it?

    Where would you get one for an imported helmet?
  12. I was thinking the same, it won't come with an AS1698 sticker. However we all know how easily the come off so surely you could get them from somewhere. Also the fact that both websites state that it meets the standards required to be legal in Australia:

    Standards: DOT 218, Snell-M2000

    I dont' think it shouldn be too much trouble.
  13. Not 100% sure but you might wanna check with customs. They have all sorts of funny laws that sometimes apply and other times don't. You may need a "special permit" if helmets dont comply to ADR's and depending upon $$$$ amounts of things coming in some things may require certain taxes. The way I understand it is if there is a way to save money, from those that would normally make it off you, then there is headaches with customs etc.

    I am also just guessing that warantee may not be avaliable on some items??? They maybe be a warantee that applies to items if they are bought in certain countries, but not others perhaps.

    I know they are a pain in the %^&* as I have had probs in getting stuff because the "authorised" agent in australia wont bring certain lines in because they say it is not economical to. How sad is it I want a part/accessory whatever and I cannot buy it from a shop where I live. I am almost pleading with the importer to buy something from them, and they refuse!!!! Then I sit back and I think I can't believe this!!! and end up bringing the stuff in myself or getting o/s friends to buy and send to me. Sad when they are the lengths you have to go to in a world where competition is a consumers' friend!!! Hmmmm..maybe competition is controlled in certain circles in Australia!!! Might be legal, but doesnt mean it is right.

    Just some thoughts :D

    and end of rant... :D

  14. officially you can't. however with a cheap second hand helmet and a hairdryer, anything is possible ;)
  15. what about some Knee Sliders?? Thats about the only item I'm always buying... Unless you can get cheap Filters/ oil plugs???
  16. A second hand helmet's not even necessary since you're probably replacing your old helmet anyway - its not gonna need the sticker anymore :wink:

    I don't know why people seem to have guilt about this, if you're buying any of the big name helmets with a few exceptions the models are all the same, exported all over the world and you know they comply with the standards.
  17. just make sure its SNELL approved, it is the highest rating a helmet can get worldwide
  18. I used to go through a pair of knee sliders in a single race meeting, I'm now using Texsport sliders, they have lasted over a year.
  19. Yep hairdryer on the AS sticker works well - I know a few people (whome I am %@!$ jelous of) who brought some top helmets back from the US - even more easier now with the $900 limit coming though customs now.

    However it seems a bulk buy is a bit hard to organise - I would therefore suggest people have a good look on ebay and other US sites - and check actual postage costs on www.usps.com! Also have a good look when on holidays - a trip to the US, or even SE Asia, could be worth it just for the savings you'll get on a full kit-out.

    For example, custom-tailored leathers are apparently popular in Bangkok??
  20. I'd be interested in a paging alarm, my $50 K-Mart alarm has an annoying tendency to flatten the battery if it goes off more than twice!