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Generation Bashing

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by gsxrjames, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. Something’s been bothering me lately and I want to find out if it’s just me or are others thinking the same thing.

    What’s with all the generation bashing??? Specifically GenY.
    It seems the most popular past time at the moment is insulting, mocking, ridiculing and stereotyping based on generation. It seems TV personalities, journalists, B list celebs, colleagues, random social commentators etc all love to participate in both ‘off the cuff’ remarks and in depth criticism which for some reason is acceptable/politically correct.

    If anyone was to insult someone based on race, religion, sex, disability, they would be shot dead on the spot, deemed insensitive and un-pc. So... what’s with all the generation bashing???

    I might be 21 but I have a full time job, go to uni 3days a week, rent a unit, own a bike and have zero debt. Most of my GenY friends are in a similar situation yet “we” are blamed for anything and everything.

    Lots of the criticism concerns poor money management skills, yet it is commonly know that the cost of living is at an all time high, housing affordability is a huge problem, uni positions are decreasing (education one of our largest exports) while fees and hecs debts are increasing (now indexed with inflation). My generation’s parents received FREE education, were able to purchase a modest home after a few years of saving and weren’t handed out multiple gold credit cards.

    The next time you’re about to blame those spoilt, selfish genY kids, pause, re-think and insult the individual that’s frustration you, not my entire generation as many hard working people like myself take offense to this. /rant.

    To me it’s almost as frustrating as hearing someone say ‘those dam hoon motorcyclists...’

    If anyone feels this type of stereotyping and generalising is justified, please explain your reasoning. I’d love to know why this behaviour is acceptable.

  2. Theres one thing i always say in response to people blaming our generation mate, and its this.

    Its not our fault, look who raised us!
  3. Interesting read here: What's right with Gen Y

    A good point made in the article is that the older generation will almost always gen-bash the 'current' generation. It's just how things go... "those kids these days, when I was 25.."
  4. As a gen xer I agree with your rant
    There are bad eggs in every generation and what you are feeling is not new, the babyboomers were supposedly their own parent's nightmares, hippies drug users etc., they grew up and had the gen y kids of today.
    That article is spot on!
    As a gen x I feel confused
  5. It's always been this way.
  6. Good article, thanks for posting.

    There are obviously a large number of factors and sociological influences that shape and define a generation, and I agree that the ‘when I was a kid’ factor plays a large role in the issue. However the popularisation of genY bashing seems to have gone wayyyy beyond previous gen bashing.
    To the Gen Xers and possibly baby boomers; would you agree that’s its gone too far or do you think this is normal behaviour that you’ve previously experienced?
  7. This is normal behaviour - every generation complains about the next one. It was ever thus. The irony being, that the generation doing the complaining is usually the one that raised the generation they are complaining about.
  8. That's an interesting article.

    From where I stand, YOUNGgen Y's as a generalisation, have an instant gratification me me me me me me type world view, that has them at the centre of it and where every whim, thought or emotion is inherently valid and utterly relevant simply because it's been had.

    They're not all like that though especially after life gives them some hard knocks.
  9. yet “we” are blamed for anything and everything.

    not from where I can see; what a generation is is usually the product of its parenting....
  10. The question is: Why are they like that? What did the "older" generations do to produce this instant gratification me me me type?

    We all go through a version of the "I am the centre of the universe" mindset, it is a product of our immaturity, which as you say tends to be lost after a few hard life experiences. But why does it appear to be more prevalent and persistent in GenY?
  11. I could cite indulgence as a start; I doubt if there's been a generation like this one for possessions, games consoles, phones, own televisions, etc?? If a child has everything by the time he's 10, what's he going to be wanting when he's 15?
  12. I agree, but I don't think it's unique to Gen Y. Looking back 25 years, I seem to remember a very similar outlook amongst my fellow Gen Xers. Hence I tend to the opinion that it's not a product of being a particular generation but, instead, of being a selfish, clueless little tit. Like everyone else between the ages of 15 and 25 :D :bolt:.
  13. Possibly because they don't get those few semi hard knocks early enough??? I'm as much to blame as anyone else as a parent, but kids aren't left to make their own mistakes any more...

    I don't think they are exposed to that low level danger that other generations had. I remember on many occasions really hurting myself, being very scared about the situations I'd got myself into, and on a couple of occasions thinking this is it I'm going to die, and that 12 wasn't to bad and a fair knock...

    I don't think it's the full story but I think it contributes
  14. I would argue this is typical of any 15yo and has nothing to do with generation. Adult GenYs are often more compassionate, accepting of others, considerate of the enviroment and worldly then their parents. The whole notion that young people are self-centred](*,)

    If there is any truth to this it’s probably due to career driven parents who threw expensive toys at their kids rather than spent time with them.:bolt:
  15. Consumerism. That's the word which leaps to my mind.

    Bah, I have a prot-idea that I can't quite articulate :(. Along the lines of:

    I.E. memememe stuff from the previous generation.
  16. not really, hornet hit a hole in one with the word indulgence. Salary's boomed from 50-80k to upwards of 200-300k annually. Gen x's have pretty much everything and give their kids pretty much everything they want, creating the me me me me POV in the kids.

    Even in today, a difference can be noted in the attitudes of 15 year olds in metropolitan areas and the very rural. Go back most of a century, just about every 15 year old was working to help the family.
  17. And from what my parents have told me (just going on 80), there still was ill thought of the "younger generation". Things like "Children should be seen and not heard" was still order of the day.

    I think "Generation bashing" has always been happening, nothing too much new in that.
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  20. I do fairly well but 200-300k what planet are you currently living on???