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general speed limit in melbourne CBD? (just got a fine)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by slyfox, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. i'm fairly sure a large percentage of the CBD is a 60km/h zone, right? i just got done for 58km/h (lowered to 56km/h) in a 50 zone, i'll be interested to check the intersection to see how clearly market the speed limit is.

    it was at the intersection of flinders st and william street in the CBD, i know where that is but i can't really picture it in my mind.
  2. I would almost certainly guess at the CBD being 50 with some parts being even lower. If you think about local shopping precincts being 50, I can't see why it wouldn't be the same in the city
  3. All city streets and suburbian street are now 50 kph limits, unless signposted differently.
    But yeah, that sucks bigtime. I've been in the city today too, lucky they weren't following me :p
  4. Virtually all the CBD is 50 now.

    There's a move afoot to bring it down to 40!!!

    fairly silly for most of it since when it's busy you can't do that speed anyway, and when it's not then it's too slow.
  5. [img:2048:1536:42c47b378d]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2a/William-Street-Melbourne.JPG[/img:42c47b378d]

    good old wikipedia. here is the spot of my demise. my entire suburb is a 50 or 40 km/h zone except the most pedestrian heavy shopping strip in the area, it's 60km/h. no wonder i get confused.
  6. Hi all,

    What did you say 40?
    They might as well say motor vehicles not welcome because pushbike can out run you in CBD!

    Hey slyfox,
    He must have acted as having done you a favour or something. F#CK mechanical tollerances 10%! I say his equipment is out! Ask for his equipment callibration certification! When was it last done!

    I'm glad they are on top of things!

    Sorry to hear about the additional tax contribution!

  7. There is this factor. the other factor is that Pedestrians should take some responsibility for there own safty instead of regulating everything to keep idiots safe.
  8. Yeah back to the old days when the car was first conceived. When the car was developing, and speeds were getting faster, there was a rule up in place that a car had to have someone stand out the front of the car and walk infront of it to ensure it wasn't going to be dangerous. I say this is the direction the state governments are taking speed limits to, it really sucks.
  9. Is that happening? I believe it is Catherine Ng who is behind it. Same councillor who recommended banning ALL car parking of longer than 2 hours in the CBD if I remember correctly.
  10. It has been suggested as part of their transport "plan". Nothing more has happened as yet. People think State and Federal Politicians are strange - they should look at some councils :roll:
  11. Combined Speed and redlight cameras are nearly everywhere in the city now be careful.
  12. Wow. How big of him. Not that it makes any difference. The first break is 0-10 km/h over.

    If you're gonna speed, you might as well do 12 km/h over the posted limit, rather than say, 7 km/h over. They'll bring it back 3 kays, which then makes your speed 9 km/h over, and thus you'll cop the minimum penalty.
  13. All the more reason to take the power to create chaos away from these jokers. We've already seen a swathe of speed limit nonsense inflicted on us for petty political purposes.
  14. So did you get done by one of those combined Red Light/Speed Cameras??

    As mentioned unless otherwise posted the limit in metro is 50km/h these days.

    I actually agree with the reducing to 40 even though it would be a right royal pain in the backside as it might actually reduce the number of idiot pedestrians being run over or reduce the injuries to them and 99% of us using a street in the CBD isn't commuting through but going to or from somewhere within the "golden mile" of the CBD.
  15. good question i may well have been.

    but who cares if they get run over. they're dumb! ](*,) i have no tolerance for dumbarse pedestrians unless they're children.
  16. I work in that building up william street on the left with the bikes parked out front. Not that anyone cares :roll:

    How recent does a calibration need to have been performed? I have a feeling bringing this up could do more bad then good tho.
  17. Well Said Falcon, there is WAY to much regulation in this country put towards an individual, whilst multi national corporations have free reign.
    This will probably go down like a lead balloon but, it was like the reaction after the Port Arthur massacre, 'Lets ban all guns pretty much and make some of the weapons now illegal' The freaken weapon used was illegal at the time of the masacre. If a person plans to shoot someone do you really think they are going to use a registered firearm that is in their name?? (I hope people see that a rhetorical).

    Than you have on the flip side of this big corporations, monopolising markets as government regulation were ceased on some industries, ie for example the big supermarkets paying shit money to dairy farmers so that they can sell the milk a few cents cheaper forcing little dairy coop to fold as they cannot compete.

    Sorry for rant, but the over regulation of the individual and the lack of over large coorporations gets up my crowl.
  18. That intersection definatately has a red light camera. Its a newer one so its probably also a speed camera.
  19. Whilst i feel sorry for the OP for getting pinged for what really is a pitiful speeding infringement, it serves as a perfectly timed reminder for me that i should take it easy around town. Having just moved to North Melbourne i've been noticing all the extra speed & red light camera's that have been installed over the last 6-12 months.

    Now i've just gotta make sure i don't sneeze whilst going through an intersection!
  20. So why does your profile say Fitzroy North :p