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General servicing costs....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DRMAT, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Just wondering what sort of prices people are paying for a minor service at a shop? I had my first service on my bike yesterday which aside from checks and minor adjustments is nothing more than an oil change and it cost me the same as a major service on the car!!! I was expecting it to be pricey but not by that much!! Definitely getting myself a race stand and doing it myself from now on!

  2. yeh from experience and what people have said, it is always cheaper if you do it yourself... especially if you can get the part on trade :wink:
  3. Thanks for the one reply.... yeah i can get bits trade i find out NOW!
  4. What was actually involved in the service?
    What is the difference between a bike minor/major service?

    Is there a thread around here that details the process of each for the home mechanic?
  5. 1000km first service... oil and filter change, check and adjust brakes, clutch, chain, exhaust and engine bolts, carbies, suspension. So really run a spanner over it and make sure nothing has worked loose and adjust the bits that loosen up a bit. Same thing on a car costs you $150-200 at most.
  6. If you do happen to do the service yourself, how do you go about getting it signed off in your service book (for new bikes, still under warranty) without paying as much as you'd pay to get it serviced at a shop in the first place? Or, is it just not possible as long as your bike is under warranty?
  7. Unless you know a licensed bike mechanic who will stamp the book for you, that there is the main reason dealers get new bikes back for minor servicing, and they charge like wounded bulls.

    If you service it yourself, and have no stamp or invoice better hope you don't need to call on the warranty.
  8. so I'm on a good wicket at the moment where I have a mate who'll service it for me (parts included) for the 1000k service for $150 and then he takes the bike for a blat up into the adelaide hills for his licensed mechanic mate to sign the book?

    Costs me nothing extra to have this guy on my insurance, the bike gets a ride with a more experienced rider, and he's the first one to ride it after he's serviced it so if it needs something more, he'll be the first to know.

    If the dude sticks around in SA for long enough, hopefully I'll get my 6K service with him too and I can spend some time learning from him (just don't have the time this time round :shock: ) *grin*
  9. G'day everyone,.....

    My bike is going to be due for its 6k service next weekend.
    I was quoted $200. from Peter Stevens.
    I will let them do the service till the warranty runs out then will do the work myself.
    I did the same with the 4x4.
    550,000km service on the 4x4 last weekend and still running like new.

    Dr Who?
  10. A first service on anything should be expensive. A lot of checking and minor adjustments to be made as new components bed in, and also to catch anything the factory may have not had just right.
    The next services will be cheaper.
    Trade prices? Good luck! I just buy stuff off Ebay or online shops, usually generic parts (filters, plugs) and save a fair bit.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Mate it costs around $150 for the 1000km service anyway.
    So you pay your mate (who may not fully know what he is doing) the same you would pay a dealer to do it, then you let him put more k's on your bike and run the risk of him throwing it down the road to go get the book stamped.
    hmm ok. :?
  12. this may be true, but at least I know that what I pay for is being done and that the bike will be meticulously looked after - about as well as I would look after it if I knew how to service it.

    Problem 1, I don't know how to do it. Problem 2, I'm a chick and I've *SEEN* what people try on. I know enough about enough to know when I'm being ripped off and at least this way, I'm not being ripped off. Aside from all that, I know this guy knows what he's doing - he's just not a licensed mechanic :p
  13. Except if you buy non-genuine parts then your warranty is useless anyway.

    Sorry i forgot to mention that the service was $298 worth as well! Checking and adjusting doesn't justify that price. Cars that have 1000km checkups are free for them to just check everything over and adjust it.
  14. The main issue is whether they actually do all those things.

    I had an issue on my first service.
    I asked them to perform one task (should have anyway, just making sure) - and the bolts were still dirty afterward, and clearly hadn't been disturbed. But we did check that sir. In the words of John Elliott - PIGS ANATOMY

    Never again.
  15. Always been more expensive compared to servicing a car.
    Better to get a $100 rear stand & do the minor servicing
    yourself Doc & pay for the major service jobs. :wink:
  16. Couldn't have said it any better :)
  17. Fair enough then as long as you trust him and he knows what he is doing.

    Personally i don't like people playing around with my car or bike that i don't trust, qualified mechanic or not. After all it could mean my life if they forget to tighten a bolt etc.
    I know what you mean about women and mechanics and it made me sick the first time i seen it happen. If you don't know what they are talking about make sure you get them to explain it and show you exactly what they mean. They will be less likely to try and pull the wool over your eyes then.

  18. yeah its a bit of a crock. Like I said, I know enough about enough to get me by, but it's still crap. Only reason I'd get this guy to do it is purely cos I trust him the most of all the people who *could* be servicing my bike *laugh* Plus the added bonus that if he forgets to tighten something, it's him that's riding the bike first. If he cares anything for his own safety, he'll make sure he's done it right :p