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General service & oil change

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by James_Syd, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    looking at a vtr with 4,000 kms. Service is due at 5,000, not sure if oil was changed during the first 4,000, should it have been?
    What is the typical cost of a service? Is there going to be any issues that I can expect.. Maybe some sort of common problem?


  2. all bikes and cars that i know of get their 1st oil change at 1000 for the run in stage.
  3. spoke to the seller this morning and he confirms that oil was changed at 1,000 kms.
  4. I think VTR's are pretty bulletproof. Is it the 250 your talking about?

    Dunno what a service would come to, maybe $200? A full 12000k service on my bike was $300 or something :shock:
  5. im looking at a 400 for a 24000 major. i think he said minor was about 200.

    go to a big work shop might be a bit cheaper. but they have apprentices work on your bike. go to a private mechanic, lil more expensive but they pride their work more, unless they are shifty people
  6. James,

    When you look at the bike get him to show you the dealer stamp in the manual that shows the service was done.
  7. if you are near or can get to artarmon go to lloyd penn. best bike mechanic in sydney. if its oil, filter, plugs etc. bring it to my place with a case of beer

    im in pennant hills now.