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General discussion dumping has reached new highs. Lazy posters will lose posts.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. General discussion dumping (posting anything and everything into General when there is a more suitable subforum for that topic already) has reached new highs... so fair warning, dump your post into General and you'll most likely lose it.

    It is easier to delete than move.

    We've been moducating lately but it seems some good old fashion stick is needed. Pity really.


  2. ...noobs will get a grace move...
  3. Sorry everyone,

    Rob missed his agressive compulsive meet last night...

    And now he's REALLY PISSED OFF!!

    Ha Ha!
  4. haha :) More like considered and fair warning well mannered assertive. :)
  5. :-s

    Fair enough. :D
  6. If youse don't learn from this moducation then we's gonna come and kill youse........
    Rob Told me to say that :-w
  7. :rofl: ... with a yak? :D
  8. I vote Smee for Mod...

    Opps, my bad!
  9. I dunno if you've posted this in the right section... :-s .... :rofl:
  10. Please use the search function, smee. Death threats have been done before.
  11. whats this got to do with bikes? :D
  12. Fixed :p.
  13. [-( That belongs in the mentoring thread. :cheeky:

  14. So, if I was to post a thread calling for the general discussion of rider waves/pecking order/pics of myself shaving (on the MC of course) in the general discussion area, would it be warranted and sanctioned by the modulators?
  15. On topic threads posted in the right forum, stay in the right forum - well at least until the OP requests it's removal or a shitfight warrants it's removal. Ambiguous posts get moved and rarely where the OP's believes they should go.

    Each post has a report button - click on the button and the post is reported. Suggesting that the post be moved to a more appropriate forum is a fair enough reason to report a post. Abuse the function though and you might find yourself on the bench for a few days. :)
  16. Said button is the exclamation mark thing, on the top right-hand corner of the post, next to the post number.