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General Consensus...Do ladies really dig the bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by banditbob, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. I'm looking forward to getting my first bike around xmas.

    One of my few concerns about riding a motorcycle is that girls are 'put off' by the whole bike thing.

    There's the whole safety issue for a lot of them-specially if u want them to ride with u.

    Sure alot of chicks dig the badboy thing but i know many who prefer the security and comfort (if u know what I is saying :wink: ) of a car.

    So what do you reckon the general consensus is?

    Give us ur opinion.

    Do ladies really dig the bikes?
  2. Well, obviously the ladies here love them! How about you put up a thing for us to vote?

    You mean when you can take a pillion? I think most would at least like to try it - great novelty. Just please make sure you protect them (gear). As a pillion I always trusted the rider's advice. Not so smart, but I didn't know better.

    Oh, helmet hair can be an issue. Make sure to have a hair band/elastic to tie back their hair - you thought of them! And maybe go for those without the boofed up hair.
  3. Definately!! most chicks i've come across, even friends looooovvvve the bikes, thumbs up for chick magnets :grin:
  4. Okay, hypothetical- you own a WRX/EVO,etc... whatever sports car. You're getting to know a chick (acquantance/new friend level) and you say to her:
    "hey I own a WRX/EVO etc..., want to come for a ride sometime?"
    She immediately thinks:
    "Car wanker, hoon, rice boy, compensating, showing off his gay ass bling"
    "No thanks buddy"

    Now another hypothetical- You own a bike Sports/Cruiser,etc... any bike, even 250's, girls aren't sizeist when it comes to bikes. You're getting to know a chick (acquantance/new friend level) and you say to her:
    "Hey I own a motorcycle, want to come for a ride sometime?"
    She says:
    "Wow, I've never ridden a bike before, yeah sure!"

    I did this just yesterday. I've done it about five times this year. I could do it more often if I really wanted (not to mention if I had my unrestricted licence and a registered bike!!). Always works- chicks dig bikes.

    If you have a sports car and even mention it to most girls, they'll imediately think "wanker". There are heaps of guys with no personality, who drive around in hotted up cars on a saturday night yelling out the window at passing girls. This has ruined sports cars as a pick up (unless the girl's a car nut)

    Bikes still have a mystique, and cool about them and are less often ridden by the horny teenage wanker "fully sic bro" hoons.
  5. Bikes are more visceral. :cool:
  6. What a silly question...of course girls love the bikes! hell every one loves the bikes, kids, oldies, etc.
  7. Ladies worth digging, dig bikes :grin:
  8. Ladies do not dig bikes, ladies dig money. It's in their genes - they are looking for a good provider for their offspring. Once it meant big burly guy, today it means Certified Accountant. True, ladies often think ostentatious sports cars are for wankers, and they are often right - but still, it is displays of well-being and stability that appeal to them.
    Whisper into her ear "honey I've got my own house, mortgage almost paid off', and she'll melt in your arms!
  9. ewww. you'd get melted human flesh all over you.
  10. I have a female friend whos' brother died in a bike accident ( car drifted onto his side of the road one night and killed him over in New Zealand) .... she does not like bikes at all .... in fact we don't go out to dinner any more because I have the bike.

    However .... my mates wife ... she likes bikes. I think she likes that rebelious ... bikey chick image.

    I don't own a Harley, but I think women like the Harley look. I don't think there would be too many women who would pass up a Sunday ride to a restaurant lunch on the back of a big black/chrome cruiser.

  11. vis‧cer‧al  /ˈvɪsərəl/ Pronunciation Key
    - characterized by or proceeding from instinct rather than intellect: a visceral reaction.
    - characterized by or dealing with coarse or base emotions; earthy; a visceral literary style.

    Sorry G - just needed to clarify that one :p

    Girls either do or don't. Fairly straight forward. If you ride you'll attract the ones that do. The ones that don't won't notice either you or the bike. I'm not particularly into sports cars so rarely notice them on the road - but will stop mid-sentence of a conversation when a nice bike goes past :)
  12. Yeah IMHO most do, too bad if they don't. I ride for me, no-one else. My GF knew that before we even started dating. She is now just as involved as me. When you get your bike, ride in traffic and look around when you are stopped at traffic lights - you'll get looks from the caged ladies.
  13. unless of course they were born some time in the last 50 years, in which case they've been brought up to make their own money and never ever rely on a bloke for ANYTHING! but maybe you're into older .... much older ... women :wink:

    yeah, i've got some female friends who find bikers ugly and grungy, some who just have no interest one way or the other, and others who are well into them.

    don't worry about it. live your life, be true to you, have some fun and you'll get laid plenty &/or you'll meet someone right for you (whichever you're after), whether they're into bikes or not.
  14. Who cares. I ride for me.
  15. Yes and Yes. All girls love a bit of fun and excitement, some claim to not like bikes, but secretly they love it !! It is still best to avoid those ones. ;)

    If you meet a girl and she mentions anything along the lines of "Riding bikes is danerous", "You are hoon" or "Your going to die a horrible death on some country road" (all comments I have had before) just walk away because there are plenty that love it and will want you take them for a ride!! :grin: ;) :grin:
  16. Now I know why we get on so well Carri :)
    I read cb250goespop's above post and tried to find words without being angry to express my disappointment of such a load of crap .....
    you took the words right out of my mouth.

    I am one of the women you describe, I own my house(no mortgage)
    and was raised to fend for myself, both financially and physically.
    All I want is to find my equal.... Somebody that rides. Somebody that appreciates the hard work I have put in to reach the standard of living I have attained thus far, and is'nt going to bleed my dry, someone with the maturity to realise that life is for living and wants to "share" the experience with me, not take charge of it!

    I love my bike and am extremely passionate about the whole motorcycling thing. I was raised around motorcycles, my mum got her bike license when she was 39, and back in those day's it was almost unheard of for women to ride, nowday's it's not that a rare occurence, take alook about this place, us shelias with bikes are everywhere.
    I too got my license when I was 39, my only regret is that I did not do it bloody 20 years ago.

    cb250goes pop....get ya head out of ya rear, we live in the 21 century ya know :wink:
  17. you boys make me laugh..
    "Women dig money"
    "women dig harleys"
    "women think bikes are dangerous"

    How about waiting for some women to respond?
    I'm a woman & I LOVE bikes, I do NOT like Harleys (naked sports are my thing) and I earn my OWN money. My BF earns less than I do.

    I've ridden since I was 13 yrs old & I was the one who told my BF to sell his car & buy a bike.

    I would say it's true that a lot of women probably don't want to ride their own bike, but would love to go pillion provided their frist ride with you isn't going to involve either speeds that will get you arrested or other forms of dangerous riding.

    And the number of women wanting to ride their own bike is increasing as we're breaking down stereotypes - however that's hard to do when people post things like
    "Women dig money"
    "women dig harleys"
    "women think bikes are dangerous"
  18. Funnily enough, career women are the ones most fussy about financial and social status of their partners... don't bother telling me about female executive you happen to know who lives happily with her street-sweeping husband - I'm sure it happened, but the general trend is quite clear.

    Try to set up your single friend with a blind date. If your friend is male, his first question about the date will likely be 'is she hot?' If your friend is female, she'll probably ask 'what does he do for living?'
  19. Well said Carri – what a great outlook on life you have (and a great way of expressing it)

    And as for all the generalisations such as "all women only want money", “all women dig bikes”, “women don’t dig bikes”……..I would suggest that there are many types of women in the world who like (and dislike) many different things.

    If you (this applies to both sexes) are consistently finding that your partners have certain negative traits (e.g. money hungry, vain etc) then the question to ask yourself is probably not “why are all women/men like this”. The real question is probably “why do I consistently choose partners with this negative characteristic”
  20. I would be inclined to say that most girls dig the bike.

    On day I was getting some "Dirty Bird" for lunch, and this girl next to me, who was a bit of all right, asked me if I could take her for a ride? Now this was while I was on my Cibby 250. Still I had to tell her, "Sorry I can't that seat is reserved for someone else".

    That is not the only time that has happened. :) And I;m not that good looking... it has to be the bike. :)