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General Bike Maintencance?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by morericewong, May 16, 2008.

  1. hey guys

    I just got a gt250r and i'm pretty new at the bike scene and haven't got too much of an idea on how to look after it. would you guys be able to give me some tips on what should be done regularly to keep the bike in shape?

    I already know about lubing the chain which i find quite difficult without a bike stand and checking tyre pressure. what other thing should i look at?
  2. Hey.

    Change oil every 4000kms, filter every second time you change the oil. Follow the service schedule in the book (don't miss services else you may void your warranty if you still have it).

    Clean chain every 1000kms, lube after every 2nd tank or more if its raining / don't ride often.

    Also theres spark plugs.. probably every 12k Clean and lube/replace air filter - every second oil change.
  3. Whatever the book says..................
    Buy a race stand (rear)

    If it's new run the tools over everything after 300k. Lots of things work loose. A quick weekly check over goes a long way to saving cash in the long run.

    Dont lube the chain to much. How much is a tough one. A kero clean of the chain a few times a year goes a long way too.
  4. sorry jared have to disagree with you on the chain cleaning one. i havent cleaned my chain once on the firestorm, just a light lube every 500klicks or so, and im expecting to get 40000plus out of it. i used to go through chains in 20000kms on the 250 when i cleaned them all the time. problem with cleaning them is you generally wash the lube between the o rings and the rollers which will kill your chain quicked than saying "bugger not another 150 bucks on a chain"

    also where did you hear oil change every 4000kms? i change mine every 6k kms, even though the manual says 12k kms and i think im being anal and over the top? :?
  5. Maintencance is very umportant.
  6. as for the chain cleaning, I went to a general maintenance clinic run by Honda. They said yes you should clean your chain, but only with an old rag, no cleaning products. My mechanic uses a product called "Shellite" (I've bought Shellite in 4lt bottle in Bunnings) and told me that it will no affect any paint work on the bike, whereas using a full on degreaser can affect the paint.

    You'll need a stand so you can rotate the rear wheel. I use an old singlet and degrease and soak it once a month. I clean the chain everytime I wash the bike, but I put a spray of lube on it once a week (I commute daily)

    The rest you should be fine with just having it serviced properly in accordance with the service schedule. There's no need to change the oil any more often than that, and unless you know (or learn) what your doing, leave it to a mechanic.
  7. A filter is what $10-20 or so, for he sake of that amount of money change it EVERY time you change your oil I say...also if you have magnetic drain plugs or screens in the bike make sure you give them a good clean when you do oil and filter.

  8. i am in same boat, got my 250R today and got 1 more day riding course left.
  9. The trouble with Shellite is that it is *very* flammable.

    It works well for chain cleaning but we don't allow it in our workshop for OH&S reasons.

    Be careful if you choose to use it.
  10. Hi, I'm another relatively new rider with a general maintenance question... hope you don't mind me hopping aboard this thread.

    I've noticed that my chain is a bit slack. Not too bad, but more than the 25-35mm recommended by the manual. The maintenance manual gives details about how to adjust it and it seems fairly straightforward, but all the nuts have to be re-tightened to specific torques afterwards and using a torque wrench seems to put the job beyond the sort of basic tinkering I'm usually comfortable with.

    What do you guys generally do...? Is this an easy enough job (once I get myself a torque wrench) or save it till the next service.

    Thanks for any advice guys.