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Gene pool, Chlorine...quick

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sudz, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. "A teenage learner driver has been charged under WA’s tough anti-hoon laws after he allegedly performed a string of burnouts just moments before sitting his driving test."

    "The driver then completed and passed his driver test – but he was charged with reckless driving over the alleged burnouts. His car was also seized for 48 hours under WA’s anti-hoon laws."


  2. The only thing that will make our gene pool smarter is if smarter people start having more kids. Even then, I can't see intelligent people banging out the sprogs at a pace approaching what the dumbest of bogans and most militant of muslims are.

    We're all f*cked I tells ya. GWB is truly a president of the future.
  3. dont go blaming the stupid male kid, they're supose to be stupid when they're kids and they're male

    blame the 'responsible' adults of the RTA who gave him a license rather than a stern talking to with a ban on the day he can return for his license [age 25 and welcome to appeal]

    by giving him a license on that day they are saying

    'it doesnt really matter if you have no respect what-so-ever for our roads. we obviously dont. make sure you hold your breath every time you walk past an amputee, we do, you might catch something

    stump it up! :cool:
  4. There's a movie called Idiocracy that shows just how bad this could turn out.. :?
  5. Sorry Dstump, I forgot it was all societies fault.....bastards aren't we :shock:
  6. im not having a go at you suz, i agree the boy is dumb but what the rta did was unbelievable
  7. well you'd better start humping for humanity then mate :bannanabutt: what're you waiting for???

    anyway, the people who made the anti-hoon laws are way dumber than those who do burn-outs. particularly those who named the damned law the 'anti-hoon' law. we don't have anti-killer laws, or anti-woman-abusing-monster laws. we have laws against murder and ****. we neither name the group of people who do the crime nor make the law about THEM. the law is about the act they commit. therefore they have no right to create 'anti-hoon' laws but laws against excessively fast and reckless driving. of which a well executed burnout is neither. god forbid a kid should have some fun.... albeit perhaps badly timed in this instance.

    ps i love how netrider edits the word **** but not murder :LOL:
  8. Oh, please. More bleeding heart cr*p.

    "It's not the kid's fault he broke the law, it's the law's fault for being there in the first place." :roll:
  9. Carrie I don't take issue with most of what you said, but without getting all morbid, I ride past three crosses by the side of the road every day on my way to work. I was one the first people on the scene the day that particular 18yo "had some fun". His parents, and the parents of the 15yo and 17yo girls removed from that car in pieces are not having any fun at all.

    EDIT - Look, I know I'm sounding preachy, but the 17yo girl killed in that crash was in the same class and group of friends as my own daughter, and it really shook me up, it was way too close to home, and gave me a sudden change of perspective. I imagined her parents having to deal with what I saw, no last look at a daughter at peace, it was way too bad for that, just a child gone, suddenly and forever.

    FFS this post must hold some kind of edit record, I cant spell or punctuate today it seems.
  10. Its all about testosterone, and too much of it, sure chicks do it too, but they're usually from the west-side and sporting a mini-tash... :-w

    But that dudes an idiot, and he'll get 'naturally-selected' one day.

    but Loz is right, but i know i'm doing my part :-w :smileysex:

  11. ......apparently... :p
  12. err, I think you misread the intent of that part of Carri's post...
  13. carrie

    sticking up for the hoons i see :grin: and you make a very good point. but im all for anti-hoon laws because it's lables them in a negative light which is fine by me

    its all fun and games until some one looses an arse

    they're not really ambitious at that age and the type of person they are is not something they can see. they stand in a circle and hoot like apes rather than meet up with a group of friends for a coffee

    the other day i was with friends a the longy [me local] and there were young 20 year old fellas at the table down from us who engaged in the most moron of conversation.

    when the bar closed they got up to left and one of the accidently broke a glass. their solution? they covered it with a cousion

  14. ok ok. point taken. sorry to hear your story sudz. but i do get pissed off when we can't do monos or burnouts on a saturday night in downtown cowes on motogp wkd. hardly seems like a serious crime against humanity. unlike having babies when u have an iq under 35 (just to come back to loz's point for a mo).
  15. Eugenics.

    this was an idea which strongly took hold in the 30's. luckily after nazism, it faded into the background. It seems to be gaining popular support these days.

    good luck with that opinion
  16. Ahh but replace 'Aborigine' with 'Bogan' and you're getting closer to what he is talking about. The Blackfellers have been around for at least 60,000 years, I bet in another 60,000 you won't be able to find a single Bogan.
  17. He is an idiot, chances are he will take himself out of the gene pool without any help from anyone else. Here's hoping he doesn't take out anyone innocent - or he wakes up and stops being a tool.
  18. sorry russ, the real reason for 'the stollen generation' was because they were getting raped.
  19. Stop press!! I have found a picture that nicely demonstrates how natural selection will eventually solve the problem.

  20. Horrible Sudz, just horrible :(

    Re: OP.

    What's the problem?
    Warming up the tyres for extra grip before a driving test sounds like a damn good and sensible idea to me.
    I applaud that child's advanced knowledge, foresight and skill in controlling a motor vehicle.