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Gender equality (ex Motorcycles: Created by men, for men...?)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by LalaJ, May 23, 2015.

  1. I'm just too friendly and way too generous with my time. I have this ridiculous belief that everyone deserves a chance, no matter how stupid and uninteresting they seem.

    Times have changed, however, there are still people stuck in that old mindset. You will even find townships where they still believe in gender roles.

    It comes down to individuals and education, or, lack of education. Don't get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinion, just don't expect everyone to agree with it.

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  2. Possibly, although from what I've seen in the context of gamer culture I think it could also come from resentment. They hate that they can't help paying particular attention to the female members, they hate that power and influence that this (they think) gives to female members, and they end up blaming the female members for 'seeking' the attention.

    Ironically, all this "women only do it to impress men" talk shows a fundamental lack of self-awareness, considering how much of we do is to impress each other. We all like to deny it, but c'mon - you roll up to the rest stop or servo or whatever on your loud, shiny bike wearing your best leathers and you casually pretend not to notice the turned heads and approving nods as you do your best Steve McQueen "I don't even know you're there you but even if I did, I'd ignore you" cool-guy act. And then dudes get annoyed when the girls do the exact same thing, probably because they're better at it (having spent their whole lives under the male gaze).

    On a more benign level, I'm 99% sure that welcome threads by joining female members get more attention on average than those of male members. Make of that what you will.
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  3. Animal instinct can't really be changed. It is in part ingrained into our genes. We live to procreate. It is the most basic of animal needs
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  4. This is the real problem. I advocate for men's rights as much as women's. It's tough enough for both women and men in today's society. It's only the uneducated and threatened men that have a bad attitude. Problem is, there are so many of them.
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  5. Lost boys. We need another good war to sort it. Give direction. We are also facing a generation of men raised by women. This doesn't make them soft but I believe a true strong male role model helps to teach a boy how to treat a woman correctly. Im not talking chivalry but treating them as an equal
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  6. The world is a very tough place, fighting one another won't make it easier or solve anything though.

    Furthermore RRdevilRRdevil, war and violence don't solve anything. They merely make matters worse.
  7. I do.

    It's to do whatever my wife tells me to do. ;)
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  8. More commonly known as, 'she who must be obeyed'.
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  9. Even girls need a strong, positive male role model. It provides a better idea of genuine acceptable behaviour from a man and not just accepting sh*t because it's all they've seen and know.

    Positive role models from both genders are needed to raise children, in an ideal world...
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  10. Also "Her indoors" and "the handbrake".
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  11. I like 'the handbrake'.
  12. Yep agree completely. Men still need to be men but you can be a strong man and still in the kitchen cooking. Or you can be a weak pathetic man who thinks he's tuff cos he is a builders laborer and he knocks his missus around a bit when he thinks she's out of line.

    Strength isn't necessarily strength in its simplistic terms.....

    Unfortunately "I" believe there has been too much of trying to emasculate men which causes massive confusion.

    Reality is we have more testosterone which means we will be physically stronger etc
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  13. Yes, but there is a level of the indoctrination and social engineering that happens which tells girls that they shouldn't try to be their best. I've always been physically very strong despite my size and even my parents tell me I shouldn't lift what I do even thought I've been an adult for some time now.

    'It is a shame for a woman to grow old without seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable of'

    Dammed if I'm going to let the boys at Bunnings load the concrete on the trailer I've just reversed. They're shit at it.
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  14. You're right, strength isn't just physical. There's mental and emotional strength too.

    Men may have more testosterone and they SHOULD be physically stronger, though this isn't the case. One of my personal pet peeves is being physically stronger than a bloke.

    I also find more and more, that men emasculate themselves.
  15. For sure I don't in the slightest think women should sit in the corner and let a man lift it. I am constantly telling girls to stop putting themselves down as they don't know what their capable of.
    Refer to my earlier post of strong, fit, healthy is the new sexy.
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  16. That should be something your proud of! Unless it's the bloke your dating who your stronger than! Lol

    I'm not sure if it's the men doing it on purpose perhaps subconsciously as they are getting so many mixed messages to what their role in society is now.
    It may just be the outcome of what they believe society wants of them. Or alternatively they've grown up in a dysfunctional family unit in which case how could they know...?
    Ultimately its a sad indictment of society.

    I bet you didn't think when you posted originally there would be more than 100 posts on this lol
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  17. I don't generally like to show my strength and reserve it for what's needed. There's no need for me to show anyone how strong I can be (physical or emotional I suppose) for the sake of 'proving' something. I've always said that my greatest strength is constantly being underestimated.
  18. It has been guys I've dated, that's why it's a pet peeve... lol

    There are mixed messages for men, just as there are for women. Women are told not to do everything, rely on men... But, be independent. :-/ Men are told to be gentlemen, look after women, but don't go for women who aren't independent. It's confusing.

    Of course I expected 100 posts. I know I haven't been around for over a month, but I'm pretty popular. LOL
  19. A girl who can pull apart a bike is more attractive to me that one dolled up in a dress, but I like strong women with similar interests to me.
    Huh? I agree about a good male role model, but not bits before that. A war won't help young men, and men have been raised by women since forever...
  20. Can't all female riders pull a bike apart?

    Men have been raised by women forever, there has been a male influence as well. Couples usually stayed together back then, for better or worse. Single parent families are far more common these days, usually without a male influence.
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