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Gel Seats

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Kezza53, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    Hubby requires a softer ride for his seat (one very good reason to have well endowed rear section:butt:). He rides a Suzuki Boulevard. What is the best way to go. I know you can get gel cushions but some have said go for the whole seat replacement. Where do ya get it and what sort of money are we looking at?

  2. I use an 'airhawk' & will never use anything else after trying it. You sit on a small cushion of air so it moves when you do.

    Only problem is that it sits on top of the seat & the look is not quite right.

    But the offset is that it does a very efficient job.
  3. mmm i would suggest to things....

    as hipster said the airhawk are awesome and cheap just dont look that crash hot...

    or look into getting a MUSTANG seat they are expensive but its a cool looking mod and they are so so so so nice to ride on..
    the gel seats seem to get hot and they dont allow nice ventalation ... in saying that the gel seats do work but not aswell as the airhawk
  4. Thanks Guys. Airhawk it is. That should keep him from whinging!
  5. I've got an Airhawk and I've also got a gel seat. My bike has a more sporty seat than the Boulevard but neither the gel seat or Airhawk comes close in comfort to a custom fitted seat, which I also have.
  6. It seems air hawk does have a good rep, but $200 for an air cushion is bit steep. I'm surprise no one makes a $10 knock off yet.
  7. Try pricing a Sargent or Corbin. For mine Sargent make the best seats going. And now our $ is so good they are not that bad.
  8. The air hawk it a lot more complicated then just an air bladder,they have multpal bladders all about 50mm round all joined together but with a way to slow the air path so its not so much like sitting on a seasaw if you get my drift,if you think there expensive now you should have seen what they cost from the USA before the local distributer started.Then I got a gel instert because at $350 OZ they were crazy priced,got the gel made into the top of my Pantah seat and it was not so good,they hold heat and COOK your arse,the AirHawk is way better,I still use it on the custom made John Moorehouse seat on my Laverda,1000k days are now possible