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gel pad seats?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ibanezboy21, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. anyone know a good place in melbourne/eastern surburbs that custom fit gel pads to your seat at a good price?
    either that or im thinking of doing it myself, easy to do?

  2. you can do it yourself but it will look shit.
    the gel pads themselves cost the dollars, not so much the labour.
  3. im looking at alot of youtube vids/online stores
    alot of them are using foam instead, maybe i should look into them instead of gel?
    been 4hours since i got of my bike and my arse still hurts.........
  4. I know how you feel, im considering getting my seat redone (ive seen some cool custom trimmed/padded seats on here before) because it ruins my boney ass after a few hours.

    Road 13 hours on saturday, didnt even want to sit in the bath afterwards.

    I cant expect reupholstering (i guess thats what its called) a seat will be too pricy, maybe a few hundred.
  5. have you guys seen the 'Airhawke' alternative?
  6. I've got one & it works a treat for distance riding.
  7. It suits some seats, but have found that the scalloped shape of the Wee means you still get that pressure on your tailbone area...and it fkn hurts after a while. Bloody seat needs to be wider and longer so you can squirm about abit.
    It worked well on the Viffer though
  8. i had a Gel seat once was shyt... bought a AIRHAWK and chucked the gel pad out...
  9. Note that some gel seats (think Ducati) can get VERY hot if left in the sun. Then you will know that your arse hurts, with third degree burns!
  10. i have an airhawk on my gel pad
  11. My wife was whinging about how uncomfortable the seat on the Ducati (her bike) was, even with a sheepskin cover. So as a bit of a joke I bought a small blow up pillow from BBQ's Galore, cost me under $6.

    She gave me 'that look', but thought about it and tried it out. Magic, did the trick nicely. The only issue is if it has too much air in it she gets sea sick.
  12. ^ridiculous amount of money.

    just get your seat done properly the first time, by someone who does it for a living, all day evey day. it's not that expensive.
    from memory, i paid around 250 bucks to have the foam in the seat sculpted to suit my bottom, a gel pad insert, and re covering. i did'nt fork out for exotic materials. i can ride the thing 3 or 4 days straight.
    you just need the seat made to fit you. can get it narrower toward the tank, dished in the rear, whatever. all stock seats are generic and they all suck.

    i went down the airhawk and lambswool route allready. save your money and get it done right.
    the gel does get hot if bike is parked in the sun. so you just stand on the pegs for a bit till the wind cools it when riding. no biggie. gel is the only thing that really works for distance comfort. because it's just like an extension of flesh.
    airhawks are great until you hit a twisty road and then they really give you the shits, because you can't slide from buttock to buttock
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  13. the air hawk would do the trick by the sounds of it, more pricey but can have different amount of air in it, plus it straps under the seat so it wont move
  14. I got a corbin seat with a custom sheepskin seat cover?
    If even that isnt enough for my delicate ass after i do a 1200km round trip at the end of the month ill put an airhawke on too :p.
  15. know a place in melbourne who does them? :)
    i prefer foam since gel pads tend to heat up in the sun?
  16. theres a bloke in glenroy, in yellow pages I think he's on east st glenroy. Seat comfort or comfort seats??
    He's away till the 18th!! No I dont know him, I rang with an enquiry due to this thread lol
  17. Australian Cumfy Motorcycle seats
    5 East St, Hadfield (or Glenroy)
    Contact: Peter Nik

    this one? i just sent him an email too lol
    cant find anyone else who does them in melbourne
  18. ^they charge about twice as much as anyone else, but have happy customers.

    i went here, his name is Johno, he's an honest bloke http://www.bitchinstitch.com/

    but there are lots of auto trimmers around that do motorbike seats.
    i think there is one across the road from Bikemart in Ringwood, caters for Peter Stevens customers who want lower seats.

    remember though, if you shave the seat you are effectively raising the bars and pegs. so there is a change in the bikes ergonomics.