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gegvasco is in the latest RAPID magazine ! :o

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Last page, inside cover !

    gegvasco is the dude on the CBR600F4i next to the winning rider photo ! :eek:

    Gregg is autographing copies on tomorrows Wollombi ride ! :rofl:

    I'll scan the page tomorrow for all to see.
  2. There isn't nearly enough motion blur in the background of his shot!
  3. so what are you exactly saying ???

    He is riding slow ?

  4. :worthlesspics:
    I haven't been near a newsagent so I'm dying to see the joke! Put me out of my misery Micky! I'm guessing it is up on the front wheel with the rider doing a handstand on his nose?
  5. Gregg, you stunter mates have seen it ! :LOL:

    They are giving you cred for the F4i ! . . . .

    I think the exact words were . . . . "If he is planning of selling it, let us know"

    hahahahah ! :LOL:
  6. Not to one of those clowns! :LOL: That will be the first question:
    "So why are you looking for an F4i?"
    "Cause they are good for stunting."
    "Right - f%^& off - get lost - bugger off. Bikes no longer for sale."
    And if he responds with:
    "But the Great Mysterio said you had a good F4i"
    I'd thump him as well. :LOL:
  7. seriously, its a good pic !
    I think you get a free print of it valued at $60 or something if you appear on the back cover.

    We had to get the magnifying glass out to verify it was you !!

    Draggin Jeans - check !
    Blue summer jacker - check !
    Matte Black Shoei helmet - check !
    not leaning enough ! :grin: - check !

    The give away that is you is the orange "K" sticker on the right headlight !

    Thats how detailed the photo is !!!
  8. Mate you should have stuck around, underwear featured heavily that night.
  9. No comment !
    I was tired.
    I had a big following day ! ;)
    And I have been told about the underwear incident !

    geeez, no wonder the NSW outing section has been quiet !
    everyone is having these bikes and alcohol fueled parties !
    Now imagine if these riders parties are announced in the NSW section ! LOL

    Its good i've been relaxed with my camera lately ! :LOL:
  10. f4is really ARE good for stunting though! :LOL:
  11. You have me curious - will buy the mag today. :grin: Is it really him?
  12. yeah, its him !

    If you come to Moretons tomorrow night folks for a Netrider social !
    Gregg will be there autographing copies ! :LOL:
  13. MickyB when ya gonna post up the scanned pic??
    like Gregg said... :worthlesspics:
  14. Always does. If it's not Donkey or my housemate getting 'em out then someone else is bound to...
  15. I checked it out today and it is this pic:
    The back page is part of a promo for Deenopics I think. He is the guy who sits on one of the corners on the old road and snaps pics of riders in the corner. You know he has taken a pic so you access his website to see if you want to buy it. The pic above is a blow up of the low res browse image.

    By the way, I was doing 60 in that image because my first thought was that it was a cop. So those others who are more cranked over either swerved to make their lean angle look more aggresive or were speeding. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!"
  16. Can't you see the stunters rail on the back! :LOL: And it has some scratches from being put down as well!
  17. The only thing that ruined that photo is....... That ugly metal thingy hanging of the back of the bike... What is that thing? :p
  18. That's for when I add the spikes to my helmet, remove my brain and start stunting it up on public roads. Like ksystems on his scooter, I need some sacrificial steel for all those "He's going vertical Mav!" tricks that I impress all the chicks with. If only the great mysterio could have been there to see it. :LOL:

    I mean who would think that an F4i could actually be used as a commuter bike and would therefore need a pack rack.
  19. Pfff you don't have the ball... I mean Ugg Boots to ride like ksystemz does! :LOL:

  20. yeah, thats because Twelve o'clock high is not your thing Greg !
    your more into the rolling stoppies and no hands side-saddle aren't you ????! :LOL: