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Geez we love our cruizers....

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by mischiefmaka, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. lllllll

  2. Very nice...........
    Although I wouldn't want one at this point in time, I've always thought of cruisers as a work of art....
  3. Looks like the lil dog at the front smashed you? even had time to look back and do a dance. [​IMG]
  4. Bike looks cool, nearly bought one of these myself.
    You look like Sarah Connor in that pic :)
  5. :)

    I still love my VStar!!!

    I'm off restrictions, the proud owner of an R1 - but the 650 cruiser is still special to me!

    Lurve the cruiser.

    Oh - love the shot of you, dirt road, dogs and singlet!
  6. Anz- that little dog is 14 years old, she didnt even make it down the driveway let alone beat us back hahaha.

    Res- Ive been accused of that b4, share the same name too.

    Luke- an R1 OMG thats a change of pace! Im off restrictions in a couple of weeks too, im really loving some of the bigger HD's but i dont think im anywhere near parting with Angus yet, so ill stick with him for a while.
  7. I'm still trying to think of a nice name for my XVS650...

    Holding off till I've actually got the cast off and started riding. Figure it's rude to try and name her without having broken the ice with our first ride yet... :)
  8. Yep - I'm pretty happy with my XVS650 too - very comfortable bike to ride. Just put the V&H Cruizers on the other day - sounds awesome now!


  9. I love my cruiser too. Everything is exactly how and where I like it, fits me just right (just like Goldilocks :)). I will never sell my bike, shes my baby, I know exactly how you feel.
  10. Not a good one of mine, but still can't get enough of it

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  11. Where is this? Looks like a group ride? (master of the obvious I am)
  12. lol im tippin its the thumper pictured front n center Tubbsy
  13. He he, no, I mean where is the place. :D
  14. I love mine

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  15. I like the pipes on that Nobby
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    I'm missing mine like crazy! I'm on holidays on a beautiful tropical island for 4 weeks at the moment but I'm ITCHING to get back on The Beast again this Saturday!!!
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    Love the lines and curves on your bike,dude! Old school Nice & tasteful mods! Congrats.
  18. Thanks guys, they are bloody load,

    Phoenix your sled looks great, what size rear do you have on it?

    Have you lowered that sucker?
  19. #20 PhoenixRZNG, Jan 26, 2011
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    Thanks, man! :)
    250 rear, 160 front: it's the widest I'm willing to go with the kind of riding I do.

    Lowered 3 inches.

    Got sh*tload of mods waiting to be put on in the garage.($$$!!) Reckon I'm only halfway there now....IF I ever stop modding it ;)