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Geez I'm slow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slik50, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I was out riding what I call the "cotter loop" (mt stromlow --> cotter dam --> tharwa --> tuggeranong parkway --> stromlow).

    Anyway I was practicing corners with a pillion on Brindabella rd (about 10 ks of bend after bend) and passed a KTM RC8 in the opposite direction on a bend.

    Not only was the guy going at the speed of light, knee down, all but scaping pegs and he still finds time to nod.

    Just showing off I claim. The Mrs and I continued to "poodle" up and down the road as smoothly as possible. But deep down I want to be like him one day. :)

  2. Whats that? Dead?
  3. haha,
    im trying very hard for knee down at the moment. im just working really hard on technique, which i have seen comes greater speed and im really starting to get good lean angle.
  4. Yes, people who can ride faster than you are all crazy lunatics and surely about to kill themselves. You CLOWN.

    If you want to get faster, the tools to do so are all at your disposal. Reading, track days, coaching, training courses... But most of all, lots of miles, concentrating on developing your ability to read the roads and create perceived space for yourself, not just blindly going faster into turns. Practice, practice practice - but make it intelligent practice.
  5. lol good call

    keep it on the track
  6. I'd prefer to keep my knee sliders away from our dodgy asphalt, I don't want to try out how easy it is for it to throw you off line... I'll practice on the track. I can always take off the sliders and rub them against the road to make me look hardcore. on my vtr. :grin:
  7. lolz at the comments from the slow pokes... :LOL: :LOL: :cool:
  8. Chuck the Mrs off the passenger seat & hit a track day session.

    Problem solved. :grin:
  9. ya read my mind, Loz.. :wink:
  10. The key to progress (or the first one, at least). Right there. :wink:
  11. LOL - Poodle - I think you have coined a new phrase for the slow pokes.

    I like it.
  12. I thought he must have been out walking the dog on his bike.
  13. One of my favorite rides at the moment is out to the cotter dam... As for the speed, I too have a GS500 and to be honest, as much as I lean into the corners it just isn't much chop for that kind of riding, with the current suspension.

  14. When was that? I saw someone who sort of matched your description of yourself this long weekend. I caught up to a rider with pillion just past the Tidbinbilla nature reserve. They (you?) turned off toward Point Hut Xing and I continued on toward Tharwa.
  15. I don't think many of you noticed the sarcasm in the OP. I don't want to ride particularly fast. I'm just enjoying riding and building my skills slowly.

    I intend to do some more of the stayupright courses when work permits to develop a better approach to riding.

    Minder - yeah that was me, you waved with your left hand as you went past. I hope I didn't hold you up. what did you recognise, the GS, my wife or the poodle.

    It sure was great weather to be out there.

  16. I suppose that I recognised all three. With a pillion I don't think that your speed was unreasonable, although you could perhaps have picked some better lines through the corners. At any rate your primary concern was hopefully your own ride rather than worrying about holding up mine. There's always someone faster...
  17. Hi minder,

    Just being polite, I still need to focus on putting the bike where it needs to go rather than going too fast.

    It definitely is different with 2 people on the bike. We have a lot of work to do. I think an upgrade tot eh rear shock would help with confidence too. At the moment it's a bit like sittign on a trampoline.

    I hope you had a good day anyway.

  18. Gun Ho riding has nothing to do with BALLS alone.. It takes skill, brain-power, concentration & a respect for the road, the bike, and your limits.
    I, unfortunately have acquired little of the above qualities :oops:
  19. you sure his head didnt nod from his sheer speed, knee down and trying to keep the bike up right ? :p
  20. two points.

    1) Your on a GS500, 2 up, so your not gunna be fast no matter what you do.

    2) Your two up so its best not to ride too close to the edge of the envelope in any case. leave the experimentation till your on your on your own and your only risking injury to yourself.