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Geeths Hi-tech rear stand

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by geeth, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. After going through a few threads on lifting the rear where off the ground without a proper stand / jack, I finally worked out what one of the methods was on about and tried it out for myself.
    Being the visual person I am, it did take a bit to work out what to do.

    So for cleaning my bike today I got the rear wheel up to do the chain and sprocket part using the method of increase the height of the surface that the stand goes on to make the bike close to straight up and then using a car jack under the swing arm on the other side to push the bike back to the stand and lifting it and god damn it's much better then scrub, push, repeat.

    I did it on the grass because I figured if I bugger it up and the bike drops (it didn't) then grass will be much move forgiving.

    Here are some pics of what I did in case people wanna see them.
    The polystryrene on the top of the jack was to stop scratching on the swing arm and fill the gap at the top of the jack - worked good.



  2. but .... ... ...

    you can buy an Anderson for around 100 clams and it takes two seconds to lift the bike :?
  3. But I don't have 100 to spend on the bike at the moment.
    It took bugger all time to get this done.
  4. yeah, I know, just being silly :LOL:
  5. But it hurt my feelings.

    *runs off screaming to benny hill music*
  6. THIS Benny Hill?


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  7. Lol
    I am the one at the top left, I have aged nicely see

  8. so the wheel is not lifted yet?
  9. I use 2 jack supports. 1 each side. Stable as when its on them.
  10. Umm, when the photos where taking it wasn't. The only thing to be done is inscrease the height of the jack and the wheel will lift.

    I was going to take a photo with the wheel up, but decided not to because other then the height of the jack it looks pretty much the same.

    The wheel only has to be just off the ground.
  11. :worthlesspics: :biker:
  12. Incorrect Paul.
    Cheapest Anderson Stand is $186

  13. I believe that Clams are currently trading at approximately $1.86 AUD, Mark. This is due to the current GFC, WMD's and the global economic downturn.
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  14. :rofl: Joel!!!!

    Well done Geeth, I'm all for alternative bike stands... I have two or three pictured on NR around the place.

    There's nothing wrong with this method, just be sure to LOCK OFF THE FRONT BRAKE and make doubly sure that the swingarm is rock stable on the car jack. What were use using Geeth as a sandwiching material?
  15. I just use 2 jack stands on either side of the swing arm...on those jacking knobs...or whatever they are called (a bit slow today) and seems very stable...however I do chock up the front wheel with a brick.

    phong =P~
  16. If you mean the material between the jack and the swing arm, then it's just polystirene from one of the many flat pack items I have.
  17. what material is the black sheet? any particular reason on soil rather than concrete? did u ever thought of culling couple of soil?
  18. advc, read the first post, I was on grass because being my first time with this method I was a little concerned about it falling. So since the ground is somewhat level there and i had a supports with a large area I decided to try on the grass in case it dropped.

    The black 'sheet' is just another piece of wood, space from a flat pack dvd rack.

    Culling couple of soil? Huh?