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Geeths between leg upgrade

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by geeth, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. So finally after some idiot wrote of my old bike I have a new one :woot:

    Picked up my 2007 er6n. First thoughts - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    It is so much fun!!
    At 30 kg lighter then my old bike and with another 30 hp it's so nimble and but puckering fast. Mind you have I only been on a 400cc before, but I think this has more then enough power to keep me entertained for a long time.

    The bike is entirely stock and sounds great.
    The throttle is so light compared to the old bike I opened up a little more then I intended to and got to feel the bike really start moving.
    It seems to be happy at 110 in 4th, 5th or 6th it will do it in 3rd but only reason for that is if really hammering it.
    I was noticing (without trying to thrash it) I was getting to 110 in 4th then changing up to 6th.

    The bike came with the toolkit, but not the owners manual.

    Now here are the pics.



  2. Congrats mate,
    Let me know how it goes, i am looking into this particular bike for my upgrade :) .
  3. Great looking bike mate, I love that burnt orange :D
  4. Good choice, great bike.
  5. oldbellhelmet has one of these, does he not?

    looks ace in orange (despite my belief that any Kawasaki should be green :LOL:)

    I have always believed that there is a market for a well-sorted vertical twin.....
  6. Yeah he does. We sent had a few chats through pm prior to purchase.

    I agree that kawasakis are nice in green, I don't think this model would look overly great in green.
  7. Onya geeth - great looking bike ! Ride it like you stole it :)
  8. Jeeeeez, it looks like it came straight from the factory! Very clean, great colour. You must be stoked :grin: congrats!
  9. Gorgeous looking bike.
  10. Congratulations, nice colour too, the wife has the er6f and i use it sometimes when my bike is being serviced, they a bloody good solid bikes and a lot of fun
  11. f*ck that thing is ugly :grin:
    enjoy it mate!!
  12. Thanks guys.

    Took it through the twisties today. So much better then the old bike. Didn't push at all, mainly due to what happened last time.
  13. Very nice geeth :) We will have to see it when we come up to Brissie
  14. My sentiments exactly , one of the worst looking bikes I have seen.

    Have fun though geeth.
  15. It's def a bike that you either love or you hate.
    I like that it's naked without the boring round headlight and looks somewhat unique.
  16. Nice!

    Just use 2nd ;)
  17. Ha this same thing happened on a ride yesterday, same bunch of guys too!! Glenn is a jinx!

    My poor bike is slightly secondhand now... new bike time.
  18. I am thinking he is to lol.

    Reading the ride report. Sounds like you did a similar trick to what I did. Going wide etc.

    Did you go into the corner to hot?
  19. Yes and no. Too much lean and too close to double lines around a blind corner, stood it up a little and ran into some gravel and then hit the gravel on the edge of the rd.... should have just kept on the gas!!

    Bike went under the armco front first, damaged rhs fairing, indicator, exhaust, mirror, brake lever and the whole front assembly is smashed. Forks also have a slight bend in em.

    Thank god for full leathers
  20. good feeling getting your hands on a brand spanker