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Geeth prefers warm hands

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by geeth, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I am looking at getting a new pair of gloves for when it rains. Since today my hand froze on the way to work.

    There a about 4 that I am looking at. Though since buying my Dririder nordic pants that aren't waterproof through they claim to be, I am hesitant to beleive waterproof claims.

    Has anyone use any of the gloves below in the rain and how well did they keep you dry.

    09 Rjays Hurricane 2 Glove - Mens
    Rjays 09 H2O 2 Glove
    Rjays All seasons 2
    Dri-Rider Adventurer Winter Gloves

  2. We have two pairs of the Dri-Rider Adventurers.

    One of mine is less waterproof than the other, and Shay's both got pretty wet in and out but we suspect that it has more to do with being on the outside of her jacket and, and me being on a fared bike on that particular trip. The K's mirrors keep nearly all water off my hands as long as I am doing more than 80pkh.

    The big BUT here is that they are a cheap glove - about $100 a pair. They are toasty warm though.
  3. If it's just the water that's the problem then buy a box of oversized latex gloves - and put those over your current gloves. Won't look good but you can keep a pair under the seat or in your jacket which is easier than carrying around a bulky pair of winter gloves just in case it rains.
  4. I must have a freak pair of gloves then:

    My wet weather gloves are DriRider Aspen.

    I have never had a wet hand when riding in them. Even in the heaviest rain the most insane people would ride in (250mm in 30mins = VERY HEAVY!!)

    The only time my hands got wet was when I stopped due to some very close lightning strikes, and the water from my arms ran down into the glove when I let my hands hang by my sides.

    Otherwise they are a great glove in my experience.