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Geelong Road Rubber Necks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by T2, May 5, 2005.

  1. These would have t be the worst in Melbourne.

    Why is it that minute liitle "bumps" usually between "tin tops" cause the normal flow of traffic to a stand still?

    Tonight was a classic.Traffic slowing back to the bridge when the relatively minor bump was near Koroit Creek Road.

    Dammed loosers!
  2. coz everyone wants a gander...
  3. HA! I was on the way to work and I could see it banked back all the way to the city.

    I was on the western ring on Tuesday, there was a broken down car off the road, parked next to the wire rope barrier just after the Tulla Fwy exit (Greensborough bound) and the rubber neckers were causing the traffic to come to a stand still as far back as Sunshine avenue.

    Got passed the breakdown and there was not a car in sight.

    If only I were the transport minister, rubber neckers would all be catching pubic transport.

    I hate the bastards with a passion.
  4. Yes and they probably don't want to get home and go for a "ride".....
  5. I was amazed that the B Double on it's side didn't cause any major problems on Tuesday at Magic Mountain (the big loop off the Westgate onto the Bolkte Bridge) considering it was taking up two lanes and we had to use the emergency lane to get around it.
  6. They always over cook that corner.
  7. Not wrong.

    I've lost count of the number of usd's there have been around that fake mountain since it opened.

    Mind you the repairs they are constantly doing to the grooves they keep putting into the bitumen when they fall over must be playing merry hell with bikes going around there in the wet.

    Happened to have my camera handy on Tuesday

  8. I dont think I even want to know what pubic transport is!

    :? :? :?
  9. yer it doesnt matter what it is either... a couple of weeks ago the monash was bumper-to-bumper in-bound for about 10 kms and it turned out to be some bottle-caps scattered over the road