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GEELONG RIDERS ONLY - 7/10/12 (The other PInk Ribbon Ride)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by HB, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Jsut letting all Geelong Riders know that there are 2 "Pink Ribbon" rides next month.

    The ORIGINAL Pink Ribbon ride organised by Point Cook Motorcycle Club is on the Sunday 14th October & proceeds go towards Breast Cancer Network Australia. This one leaves from multiple start points and ends in Werribee. Entry $20 riders, $10 pillons -see other thread https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=135349

    The OTHER Pink Ribbon is on the Sunday before - 7th October - this one is organised through Ulysses Motorcycle Club, starts with a bbq breakfast at Peter Stevens, goes around the foreshore towards Queenscliif/ St Leonards, stops at Home Hardware Ocean Grove for coffee and then returns to Geelong (Johnstone Park). Entry for riders & pillons is $10 each. Proceeds from this ride towards the Andrew Love Cancer Centre in Geelong and sponsorship is by Peter Stevens & K Rock . Payment at Peter Stevens from 9.30 am
  2. You know.. Segregation is bad.. mmmmKay :p
  3. Politics is even worse

    Not saying non Geelong riders aren't welcome on the 7/10 ride, just making sure there is no confusion. One is being promoted in sleepy hollow, the other not.
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  4. I'm coming to this one too! Very excited :)
  5. I'll probably go on this one as well as it is a worthy cause.

    The ride will be nicer on this one and it should get a decent turnout. Not sure how many bikes will fit around Johnston Park though, but there is plenty of parking in Gheringhap street near Deakin waterfront campus.

    THey aren't taking registration beforehand, apparently it's just turn up and pay on the day.
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  6. bumpity bump
  7. We're meant to get a bit of rain that day, let's hope the weather people are right about it only being showers... I got soaked one day because of 'showers'. I'm having a hard time finding waterproof pants because of my restricted height. Argh.

    I'll be filming this ride on the GoPro, and taking plenty of pics! Very excited!!! Only a few days away now! :D :dance:
  8. I know what you mean about waterproof pants for those of us who are vertically challenged.

    I got some pants & jacket from Anaconda which have a drawstring in the hem so they don't fall down past my boots. I got a medium size though so I can also use them at the football and just put them over a heavy jacket etc. They have kept me well and truly dry even if they a rather large on me. The small probably would have been a better fit, but I never had my gear with me when I bought them, so played safe with the bigger size.

    I don't think there will be much to worry about on Sunday. It's supposed to only be clearing showers & then only 40% chance of 1-5mm so not much at all. Besides we do have an advantage that although we get the bad weather first it also clears for us first.

    Last Saturday was absolutely shocking down at Torquay during the Grand Final but my neighbours at home got nothing more than a sunshower.
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  9. Might have to go shopping at Anaconda, didn't think of that, but then I haven't been there in years. I'm glad there isn't meant to be all that much rain, it'll make the day much better.I just got back from Lorne, that was a fantastic ride!
  10. Short a#^e! Lol

    I will be there as well :)
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  11. Time to change your name 'Honda' Paul :)
  12. Yeah I do! Lol
  13. I'll see you all soon :D
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  14. Great pics Tahlia.

    Was good to catch up with you, Paul & Mel. Weather wasn't the best but not too bad. It will be interesting to see how many turn up to next week's ride as there was a fair turn out today.
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  15. It was great to see you too, I was also impressed with how many people came along, nice to see peole won't wuss out because it's a bit wet. Looking forward to next week, hopefully better weather. I'll probably sleep the next couple of days, rides knock me rotten lol.
  16. drove past you all at OG but by the time we'd walked the dog you'd all gone! Looked like a good turnout. Congrats
  17. So, why weren't you riding??
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  18. truth? I forgot. I could make up all sorts of stories about family commitments, but it just slipped my mind completely.