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Geelong Revival (Speed trials)

Discussion in 'Bikes' at netrider.net.au started by Roarin, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. I decided today was a good day to go sit in the sun, and watch some old bikes and cars being thrashed a little, and snap a couple of pickies. I found out I need longer lenses. I already knew that. So I settled for shuffling around the pits -if you could call them that, and learning a little about my new camera.




    I may have gotten a wee bit carried away playing around with Depth of Field


    I blame it on people consistently trying to make themselves famous by inserting themselves into my photos.


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  2. Nice snaps mate, what camera have you got there?
  3. Cool pics.

    Nice bit of machinery, that Vincent. Good to see it gets ridden too..

    I might be going to the Historic Motorcycle Racing thing tomorrow at Broadford.
  4. Your shallow depth of field shots are pleasing.
    I'm a bit annoyed with myself that I forgot this was on. When I lived in Geelong I used to go, then they just stopped having it. Nice to see bikes involved and that it's happening again.
  5. Canon 6D with the EF 24-105L, & the EF 40mm f/2.8 pancake. I'm rather happy with it so far. I haven't been able to use it very much at all so far, as I'm a bit broken at the moment. I need some longer focal length lenses. 3-400mm would be a good start I think.

    I'm jealous. I'll most likely be snoozing on the sofa, recovering from todays massive effort of sitting in the sun, and walking to my car and back :rolleyes:
  6. Cool I was thinking of getting a good camera for next year when I get the new bike and do some Aus trips. Broken? What'd you do to yourself?

  7. It's actually on again 2morrow as well. I've been for about the last 20 or so years. First time in '89 I think. Was mighty p!ssed when the authorities made it all too difficult and put a stop to it for a few years. Always some real interesting machinery to look at. Bikes and cars. Even better to watch them copping a bit of stick.
  8. Yeah I know, it's a toss up between going for a ride to Whitfield or similar, going to watch the Speed Trials Revival or going for a ride to Broadford to see what's going on there. Spoilt for choice :)

  9. I threw myself under my motorcycle to prevent it from getting scratched when it tried to lay down when it wasn't really supposed to. Apparently. I don't remember a thing. For my efforts I received a broken collarbone, a bit of bleeding in the old noggin and some pretty good deep bruising in my hip/pelvis area. And lost a bit of skin. Through my protective gear.

    As for carting a DSLR around on a bike, you've got to be quite dedicated to do it for any length of time. I did with my my old DSLR for about 2 or 3 years, as it was my only camera. Had a couple of bridge/superzoom cameras before that. Went everywhere. Trips OS to NZ and China, out to dinner, holidays, the works. Then got a good quality compact that would fit in a pocket, for convenience sake, but I missed the shallow depth of field and smooth out of focus backgrounds achievable with the larger format camera's/sensors. Don't get me wrong, you can still do a lot of that with the smaller cameras, but it was just a personal thing. Most people wouldn't even notice it.
    Many people praise the smaller format interchangeable lens cameras as being more portable, but I look at it like this. As soon as you go larger than a compact that won't fit in a pocket, you need a bag to carry it (the camera & lenses) around. Who cares if it's (the DSLR) a kilo or 2 heavier, or a wee bit bulkier. Get a good bag, and you're good to go. As long as you don't want to carry 5 & 600mm lenses around with you anyway :) And a DSLR absolutely rips when you want to take pics of things that move. Quickly.
    At the end of the day, it's all just personal preference really. Try to get your hands on each camera you're interested in, and use it for a bit, if at all possible. I'm certainly no expert, just a happy snapper that likes a crisp colourful photo :)
  10. Back in the 80s there was a spot halfway down the strip where marshalls would let you cross between runs. One time the marshall said to me "Go on, you'll get across in time if you hurry" so off I went. Bloke in a AC Cobra 427 (with the proper sideoiler race donk) got three quarters of the way down the strip before I made it to the other side. Scared the tripe outta me, the bastard. :eek:
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  11. @Roarin

    Wow tough, a bit broken sounds like an understatement. As for the camera I couldn't agree more about wanting to take a picture of pretty much anything. Any excuse really :p My plan is to take the camera+lens (incase I might need it) in my bag (ogio something something). When I do a trip of the areas I grew up in next year I would rather get some really detailed shots as opposed to one you would get from a $10 disposable camera, haha.
  12. And just to get the thread back on track.......................a very pretty little 400/4


    And a real engine. (Spot the snapper :) )

  13. I think Blackadder is secretly lusting over this Triumph. Going for the same styling on his bike anyway


    It's been a while since I've seen one of these too. Pretty rare I think

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  14. :ROFLMAO:
  15. Nice photos. Looks like I picked the right time to move down to Melbourne. Hopfully we will see more bikes taking part next year.
  16. Nice photos Roarin! I had a quick wander around on Sunday with the family, definitely have a soft spot for those Irving Vincents :D

    Not only do they look great, they sound amazing at full song.