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VIC Geelong region speed limit changes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by simon varley, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. the outcome of the Vic speed limit review seems to be ongoing. This week 4 speed limits on my commute have been reduced. None of these limits were previously either confusing or dangerous. Thanks VicRoads for looking after me so well as I am clearly unable to drive slow enough on my own to avoid killing myself.
    The full list is here http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...reducesconfusionwithoutcompromisingsafety.htm

    Full list of speed changes:

    90 km/h speed limits will be increased to 100 km/h on:

    • Princes Highway, between Broderick Road and the Princes Freeway, Corio. – completed

    Locations in the Geelong region where the 90km/h speed limit will be reduced to 80km/h include:

    • Geelong-Bacchus Marsh Road, between Heales Road and Patullos Road, Lara. – completed
    • Geelong-Portarlington Road, at the Bellarine Rail Trail crossing, Curlewis. – completed
    • Geelong-Portarlington Road, between Drysdale and Portarlington
    • Bellarine Highway, between Moolap and Leopold
    • Bellarine Highway, at the intersection of Banks Road, Marcus Hill
    • Bellarine Highway, between Portarlington – Queenscliff Road and Fellows Road, Point Lonsdale
    • Lower Duneed Road, between the Surf Coast Highway and Ghazeepore Road, Mount Duneed
    • Hendy Main Road and Coombes Road, between Vickerys Road and Ghazeepore Road, Bellbrae
    • Barrabool Road, between Cochranes Road and Devon Road, Ceres
    • Merrawarp Road, between the Barwon River and Barrabool Road, Ceres.

    Locations in the Geelong region where the 70 km/h speed limit will be reduced to 60 km/h in 2014 include:

    • Station Street, between Melbourne Road and North Shore Road, Norlane. – completed
    • Geelong Portarlington Road, between Wilsons Road and Boundary Road, Newcomb. – completed
    • Portarlington – St Leonards Road, between Batman Road and Oxley Street, Portarlington
    • Bellarine Highway, between Fellows Road and King Street, Point Lonsdale.
    • Shannon Avenue, between Barrabool Road and Fyans Street, Newtown
    • Ash Road and Melaluka Road in Leopold
    • Clarendon Road in Drysdale
    • Earls Road in Moolap
    • Pigdons Road in Highton
    • Great Ocean Road, between Bells Boulevard and Torquay Boulevard, Jan Juc
    • Hendy Main Road, between Heidi Road and Deppeler Avenue, Moriac.
  2. Retards.
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