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Geelong Premiers 2007

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeimbo, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    Can't believe my first post got ripped for caps. get real.
  2. And what a lovely SMASHING it was to watch.
  3. What makes you special that exempts you from posting properly?
  4. O Yeah, O yeah

    Happy to smash the pointy heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stevie Johnson you champ.

    Hold your heads up Catters, plenty of good years to come.

  5. I aint specail mate, just reckon it's unnecessary is all.
  6. Especially seeing as you let some through before for less euphorious events......
  7. [quote="Jeimbo"I aint specail mate, just reckon it's unnecessary is all.[/quote]

    You reckon incorrectly then.

  8. Incorrect. I did nothing of the sort.

    Point them out to me and if the other mods have missed them, I'll correct them.
  9. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=43108'

    My mistake, it was hornet who posted a message saying that caps weren't desired in the iron Maiden thread and I thought it wasn't an enforced change,

    I apologise for directing at you.

    I apologise for using caps.

    I was excited about the Cats win.

    i didn't think caps was such a big drama.

    Lesson learnt - I'll move on
  10. doesn't sound like it.
    But I'm happy the Cats won after you barely survived the mighty Pies the week before.
    A drovers dog could have beaten Port today.
  11. Yeah cats won but put into perspective geelong havent won one for 40 plus years :shock: port being in the afl for 10 years and had one over the triple premieship lions within 8 years of joining whos the heros :roll: dont worry port will be back and it wont take 40 years :p
  12. bitter much? lol

    was a bit of a whitewash, but it was awesome to watch the schooling. they played a textbook game and it got results. congrats to the cats.

  13. Hey, settle petal.

    Yep, 44 years and we have another. But that's 7 now. Port has a long way to go yet.
  14. Yes but Port's history is littered with 30+ sanfl premierships and 1 afl premiership.
    Geelong has 6 vfl permierships and 1 afl premiership.
    You can't dwell on the dim dark past
    take it from a pies supporter.
  15. How long will it be before THIS record margin is broken?

    But the Adelaidites will be utterly inconsolable; it's not a religion there, it's much more serious :LOL:.
  16. Next year when the Pies smash the cats, I mean after we get Juddy we'll be unbeatable :wink:
  17. Is that why you moved to the Gong, Paul?
  18. Great result, but what a crap game.

    The best bit was by far when Tredrea missed a set shot. "Take a bow!" yells the crowd :LOL:
  19. Mainwaring dies after bender

    Mainwaring dies after bender

    TROUBLED West Coast Eagle Ben Cousins was at the home of former
    teammate Chris Mainwaring just hours before Mainwaring collapsed
    and died early yesterday.

    Sources have confirmed Cousins was with Mainwaring at his Perth home on

    The Brownlow medallist went to check on his mate, who was at the tail end
    of a weekend bender after his marriage breakdown.

    Mainwaring's binge involved cannabis and ecstasy, Perth's Channel 9 reported
    last night.

    He told the first paramedics who attended that despite taking the drugs he
    was OK, it was reported.

    The Herald Sun believes Cousins left the house in the Perth suburb of
    Cottesloe before neighbours reported seeing Mainwaring screaming and
    yelling on the road about 11.30pm.

    The two-time premiership player and All-Australian collapsed and died
    about an hour later.

    He was 41.

    Police and ambulance officers were called to the house at 11.30pm on
    Sunday after neighbours reported hearing Mainwaring screaming.

    Sources close to the late midfielder last night revealed he had indulged in
    a "large weekend" of partying.

    Mainwaring refused medical help and was placed in the care of a neighbour.

    But later he lost consciousness and the ambulance was again called.
    Mainwaring was taken to the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital where he was
    pronounced dead.

    It emerged yesterday Mainwaring's employer, Channel 7 in Perth, had
    recently given him time off to deal with personal problems.

    Mainwaring had been expected to attend Saturday's Grand Final as a
    guest of the AFL to take part in the pre-match entertainment, but
    cancelled at the last minute.

    Sources said the relationship between Mainwaring and his wife, Rani, had
    been strained in recent weeks.

    Rani and the couple's daughter Maddy, 8, and son Zac, 6, travelled to
    their home town of Geraldton, north of Perth, for the weekend.

    Another source said Rani, a close friend of Ben Cousins' former girlfriend
    Samantha Druce, had grown tired of Mainwaring's close friendship with

    He said Rani had been putting pressure on Mainwaring to learn from
    Cousins' mistakes.

    The pair had recently returned from a European vacation where they had
    attempted to patch up their problems.

    Perth football identity Brad Hardie said there had been concerns about
    Mainwaring's well-being for two weeks.

    In 1993, Mainwaring was arrested outside a Gold Coast nightclub for
    possession of cannabis.

    He had earlier twice lost his licence for drink-driving.

    Mainwaring's death ends a disastrous year for the West Coast Eagles, in
    which key players have been embroiled in off-field scandals.

    Mates to the end: Chris Mainwaring embraces former teammate Ben Cousins
    after the West Coast Eagles' 2006 premiership victory.

  20. I thought Victoria was supposed to be a sporting place. The crowd booed when Port ran on for a start. Now this might be the norm in a round match, but surely any team making the grand final deserves recognition.

    Then later in the match, when it was clearly going to be a thrashing, the crowd were still booing Port possession. It wouldn't happen in a rugby match. In fact I've seen the opposite happen and the crowd actually applaud good form of a team copping a walloping.

    Then the crowd booed the Port skipper during the presentations. I mean really get over it.

    I think we've lost touch as a nation with sportsmanship. I hope I'm wrong and it's just Cats fans that are a cunch of bunts