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geelong/melbourne riders - need advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. (Mr Moderator, if this is in wrong section, then please move to the right section)

    we (wife and i) got some time to do a Great Ocean Road trip from end of may to 1st june.

    baby sitter booked, annual leave booked, we got one chance to do this....

    bringing our mbikes from adelaide is not a preferred option. (why bother riding for 10 hours in scrub...... )we will hire bikes from garners in melbourne (with storage bins). these are our options..

    1. drive to melbourne, leave car there, and hire mbikes and ride to GOR for few days and stay at main tourist towns.

    2. fly to avalon airport, stay in geelong, arrange garners to bring bikes to geelong and take off for few days

    3. fly to melborne airport and pick up mbikes and ride to geelong and continue to GOR etc

    what do you think?
  2. Why wouldn't you ride from Adelaide, unless its a time factor, but since you mention driving as a option, that rules that out.

    You could do the entire GOR one way and go back through the otways for something a bit different. Adelaide via mt gambier, to torquay is just over 800 kms. Could be done in a day, but take your time and make it 2.
  3. our bikes not set up for baggage etc. we can take more stuff in car/plane.

    plus the BEST part of GOR starts from geelong side.

    we just wanna do the best stuff this time, as we may not get another chance for years.
  4. think for the cost if hiring bikes and flights could add luggage rack. The bit from tullamarine to geelong is boring as bat shite. Would think coming from mt gambier would be nicer. You are still going to be limited to luggage capacity on hire bikes.
    Alternatively drive to warrnambool with bikes on trailer, leave car there and use that as base.
  5. Number 2, Fly to Avalon, as HB says the Melbourne to Geelong rd is soul destroyingly boring with speed cameras on overhead gantries etc.

    Don't just do the GOR either some of the back roads up through the Otways are great fun. Skenes Creek rd, Turtons Track, Also some touristy things like the Otway Fly, The Timboon Distillery

    If you are so inclined the beginning of the GOR has a number of wineries. Generally known as the Surf Coast region. One of my personal favorites is Wolesely near ParapParap he does a natural Botrytis dessert wine which is nectar. And Will is a bit of a character. :)

    Have a good trip.
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  6. Best bit is inland towards Apollo Bay. I'd just ride it. I'm sure you can find a decent rack to pack some clothes. I find with trips like this, the simplier the better.
  7. at the moment

    Airey inlet
    apollo Bay

    prob 2 nights spread out over the best of these towns, plus the extras associated with each town. we only carrying what the storage bins hold, plus a back pack each. we got time restrictions before the baby sitter starts pulling hair out......
  8. id stay the 2 nights in lorne- goggle lemonade creek cottages. I'm on phone or would do linky. They're up the hill twards erskine falls from lorne. This way you don't have to cart luggage around and are close to skenes creek, deans marsh, beech forest and can do all the things cjvfr mentioned. When are you coming. There's a lycra ride on gor 20 or 21st this month so traffic will be little heavier that weekend
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  9. My favourite bit of the GOR is actually the western end, Apollo Bay - Port Campbell - Peterborough.

    And add my voice to the "ride all the way from Adelaide" crowd. I've never done it on the bike but I remember the coastal route via Mt Gambier being quite nice in the car. Adelaide to Warrnambool is only 600km, so an easy day's ride, then spend a couple of days doing the GOR. If you've got time, you could spend a night in the Grampians on the way home to avoid having to do 800km of highway in one hit (and it's only a slight detour from the A8 ).
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  10. great tips guys thanks. taking plenty of notes.
  11. Have Garners offered to transport the bikes to Avalon?

    It's only an hour from Tulla or the city to Geelong, not a deal breaker. Or you can divert though Bacchus Marsh, Brisbane Ranges and Winchelsea to miss the freeway altogether.
  12. You could always do what a mate of mine did. He posted his clothes etc to the post office in the town he was going to, rode there, picked up his stuff, then when he was ready to go back home he packed it all up and posted it home.
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    gareners can deliver 2 mbikes to geelong for $200.00 per bike. that doesnt include hire charge of mibke. thats fair enough. they need to pay for staff to drive up and back to geelong with trailer.....we may just ride from garners if we have to. anyone want to chaperone us to geelong for a fee?! name your price!

    we may have to leave from melbourne as no flight from adelaide to avalon.

    all good, we can take train to geelong and fly back from tullamarine.

    the main thing is its gonna happen somehow. i can smell the ocean already.....
  14. Seems like a lot of hassle to avoid the road from adelaide. Garners is top end of William street in north melbourne. Getting to there from tullamarine is going to take an hour then another hour to get to geelong, riding unfamiliar bikes, id just ride.

    As someone suggested you could post clothes etc to accomodation and then not have to worry about luggage.
  15. We did this too on our QLD trip, less luggage to carry & convenient, worked well
  16. I would tend to ride from Adelaide down the coast too.

    If you want to come to Melbourne, i think the easiest would be to fly to Tullamarine, take a cab to the bike rentals ($50 or so), then ride through Geelong.

    The actual distances along the GOR aren't long. I live 30kms from Melbourne towards Geelong. From my place i can take a leisurely day ride down the GOR to Port Campbell and back in around 550kms. So a one way trip right along that coast isn't a taxing proposition.

    i would recommend riding from Melbourne to Apollo Bay or thereabouts, spend a couple of days along the GOR and then back to Melbourne via the inland roads such as through Forrest.
  17. You could buy a couple of those cheap throw over saddle bags things for your bikes and just ride your own bikes down would be a lot cheaper .

    What's the cost of hireing the bikes ?
  18. for thise that question why we dont ride from adelaide to geelong......well if you think the ride from melborne to geelong is soul destroying, multiply that by 8 more hours!!!

    its looking like this. fly to tullermarine, then taxi/bus to garners and ride from there to geelong. i spoke with garners yesterday and they recon 99% of people who hire thier bikes go to GOR. they even have maps to get out of melborne ready to hand out.

    one question.....what if we caught train to melborne? is that closer to garners than tullermarine?
  19. Garners is closer to southern cross station, short cab ride or 55 tram in william street will get you there.

    Train trip uggh. Done it to adelaide many moons ago, not fun. Just remember there are tram tracks in melbourne not bike friendly but should be able to avoid most of them if you dont ride through cbd
  20. actually if your train stops at north melbourne its a lot closer to garners by cab. Other option is bus from there, but not worth the hassle, cab would be around $10