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"Geelong meeting August"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cbar6, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. So I see on the banner a netrider ridering at G town last August. So is this a yearly event?
    When will the next 1 be held?

    Am so sorry didnt realise the significance of the event
  2. No. The meeting you refer that is one of the pics in the banner was for the protest ride where a driver did a right turn-in front of a bike. The rider decked it, and died. He was wearing an una-pproved helmet. The driver was fined, and some chose to protest over it being only a fine.
  3. Oh dam sorry
    How unappropriate of me
  4. Maybe an unfortunate reference but not a bad idea we have a lot of Geelong area members & maybe a few Melbournians could be enticed down that way for a meeting & you locals could maybe lead a GOR ride or over the hills ride thru the Otways, damn this could even turn into a week-ender in good weather! My best mate's family has a holiday house in Apollo Bay which if booked early enough could be an affordable overnighter for a reasonable sized group!
  5. Well in context, it would be great to have an annual 'Geelong Members' ride once a year. Like myself there are many of us whom cannot get to regular coffee nights and arnt as posty as other members but would still like to catch up if a local event was arranged, I would definetly be up for organising summin.
    As it is a longish ride from Melb maybe it could be a weekender? Stay overnight in Apollo Bay return etc...
    lets get the list rollin....
  6. OK start list Bond Girl, I'm up for it! Who'll second the motion?
  7. We did that 2 years ago on the GOR ride.

    Some of the pics are in the gallery.

    This is why we want the events crew to be formed.

    Donate some time and turn up on the day in Question and lets do it.
  8. motioned seconded!!!!!!!