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Geelong invasion continues

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Kerber, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. Just logged onto the forums for the first time today.
    Great to see so many folks from the G town. Here's another to add to the list.

    Does anyone else cringe when they see an open face helmet, in a business suit, scooter, traveling at 80 across the westgate bridge?
    peace out

  2. welcome to NR!

    i dont care what people wear as its not me being a knob, i ATGATT

    if i ever see someone squidding and they come off, ill stop and start laughing at em
  3. Hey Kerber, from another G-er (now living in Melb) welcome to NR :grin:

    I don't exactly cringe but, do give a disapproving shake of head ... what else can yer do :facepalm:
  4. welcome to netrider Kerber
    Good advice
  5. Hi

    Hi Kerber,

    Welcome to NR and it is great to seen another Geelongian.

    I am with you on the cringing - I just give them one of those disapporivng shakes of the head.

    Stay safe and I might see you around.

  6. Hi and welcome to NR.

    At least the cold weather is coming so the T-shirt and shorts riders should disappear for another 6 months.
  7. Welcome Kerber from another Geelong person - Highton. :)
  8. Hi Kerber
    And a welcome to Netrider from me as well.
    Nice to see extra people from around Geelong on the forums.
    (You can never have too much gear ... extras ... stuff :) )
  9. Yeah I'm looking at getting some new pants. I like the slimness of leathers. They do come in non-John Travolta-saturday-night-fever look right?
    The pants I have at the moment are old dri riders. they look and feel like adult diapers.

    Anyone have any oil skin jeans? are they strictly warm weather, or are they good for autumn\spring?

    I'll post a pic of my bike soon, it's still in the mechanics after the alternator broke.
  10. Yay double post.

    Anywho I finally got my bike back from the mechanics today.


    Thanks for the greetings. I'll see you all around town
  11. Hey Kerber, welcome and very nice bike