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Geelong Area - Test Rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. looking at buying a bike, but it was involved in an accident (apparently a lowslide), may need someone who has their full license to test ride it. just seeing if anyone is prepared to do it, no final details yet (6 pack up for grabs) the bike's in grovedale. you may or may not be needed.

    will be a honda cbr600rr.

    don't want to buy another bike with alot of problems already.

  2. im happy to do it for ya, depending on when it is

    PM me and i'll give you my number
  3. Happy to help out also.

    Tuesday through Thursday this week I will be in Sydney, apart from that, will see.
  4. gave him a message, the bike is un rego'd he'd prefer no test ride, but if i must he said, its at my own risk. if you don't want to test ride the bike thats okay, i will, but i'd still like a inspection of the bike from someone who isn't so new to the game?
  5. happy to have a look to help out, definitely wouldn't test ride an un-roadworthy and un-rego'd bike

    otherwise if u want me to come have a look with you i'm still happy to
  6. Ok so you dont want any problems but are thinking of buying a bike with a lowside,which many bikes have had.But your not going to ride it or have a profesional look at it.
    Good luck
  7. Take it on a trailer to a mechanic. Could have a cracked frame dude....

    Seriously, it's not worth the effort and money. Take it from me and many other netriders who have this knowledge. Either take it to a mechanic and be prepared to waste $60 on a RWC test which will show it's a POS, or buy it and waste thousands getting it in to RWC condition...

    Will wait for other netriders to agree....

    (also, not trying to be rude buddy. Just trying to get the point across that if you don't want a bike with problems, get one that AS A MINIMUM comes with a RWC). I'm from the area and happy to help out on a weekend for any bike that has rego/rwc :)
  8. i will test ride it. i just don't have the knowledge base that i'm guessing alot of you guys have. how to inspect it properly.

    i'll get him to get a rwc, i sure as shit ain't buying the bike without one.

    if he won't agree to get it rwc before sale, then i won't buy it.
  9. don't worry about it, won't buy it.