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[Geeks] Iphone - why should I update to IOS5?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. So I have a 3GS with IOS 4.something and it connects to the computer, downloads, backs up and all that... but IOS5 is here. There's something about it being connected to the cloud (do I want my data centrally reposited?) and almost everyone I know is reporting that the update trashes the address book, or apps, or something else, and IOS5 has severe limitations on the size of the sms file... so the downsides seem pretty high... or are they?

    Is it all that and a bit more, or just hype?

  2. I've got 2 iPhone 4's running iOS5. I didn't loose any data or anything during the upgrade.

    For me, iMessage is useful (free SMS to anyone with iOS5), the new notification centre is good and you can now crop and edit pics on the phone which I find I'm using regularly.

    There's some pretty cool stuff in iOS5. Whilst you may not be aware of or use all these features it's a massive upgrade to the system and worth getting IMO.

  3. I've been very hesitant to upgrade after hearing some of the issues people are having. Apart from what was already mentioned, lots of people are reporting battery life issues. Interested to hear anyone's experience.
  4. Mate have updated three devices now with zero issues. Not sure what these hideous side effects are as I haven't experienced any whatsoever - all good. Not using most cloud functionality apart from photo stream which is kinda nice to have photos taken on my iPhone immediately appear on my iMac and iPad.

    Wireless syncing is a nice feature

    I quite like the new alert style too.

    Oh and they've finally joined the rest of the mobile world with the ability to do custom SMS tones. About bloody time.

    Upgrade is worthwhile in my opinion.
  5. I done 2 only one problem mine got terrible battery life.

    Deleted and re created the mail profiles and back to normal.

  6. Have updated 3 devices with zero issues, a 3GS a 4 and an iPad2.

    The new notifications handling is great, as is iMessage. I haven't quite worked out the best way to use the iCloud, but I'm sure I'll get there.

    My vote is do it.
  7. I also heard that all your apps get moved out of their folders. Is that true?
  8. Yeah that one is true, seems to have done it with every upgrade I've done though...

    So it's not a new feature of OS5
  9. I haven't had this experience at all so far. My folder structure remained intact.
  10. was that with IOS 5?
  11. 3GS here but Haven't done it yet. Will wait for a bit longer, I guess
  12. I haven't updated to IOS5. All previous updates have maintained all legacy folder structures and data.
  13. I lost nothing, it took time to upgrade as it does a major backup then restore, if anything it is a little zippier and there are a few things I like like the drop down notification centre.
  14. I'm on an iPhone 4 and I have upgraded, I like it. As Smee says, it's a little bit more refined and does a few neat things.

    I also quite like the reminders app and also the sms shortcuts (not that I really sms much, I just find it pretty cool)

    Edit: I also had no issues whatsoever with updating.
  15. what's the story with the SMS limitations? What happens if you're already over the 15mb limit when you upgrade?
  16. No it's not true. 3 devices, all folders intact.
  17. Mine and my wife's lose there's every update.
  18. Strange, never had it happen on any update since the folder feature was released - even on the old 3G
  19. updated 4 x iPhone 4's and 2 x iPhone 3g to the new ios5 without a single issue..

    all contacts remain
    all folders remain
    and all apps remain (although they move back a page so people think they have been deleted.)

    The sms limit is huge !! all it is is that if you have more than xx,xxx sms in your inbox it tells you to get a life and delete a few...

    just be sure to run a FULL SYNC and BACKUP ! before doing the update.

  20. Ditto worked without an issue.

    I'd recommend updating any apps you have. Any issues with the app, would be patched by now.