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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by nalasrob, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Oh crap, now its official. I'm a total geek.

    Surely none of the tough nut bikies here can better that :wink: :shock:
  2. i'm a bit suprised, I'm only a geek,

    at 17% geekness :wink:
  3. 4.93097% Poser

    Phew, I am not a geek..... Yeah Baby
  4. 8.48126% - Poser

    YAY! 8)
  5. 9%.... thats not too bad. so what if i like lord of the rings :x
  6. 7.10059% Poser.

    I've never been so proud! 8) :LOL:
  7. 23.4714% Geek.....

    most of my score was for movie knowlage... but i suppose you cant hide from Geekness :p
  8. 14.39% - Geekish Tendencies (not bad for a coder)

  9. 4.9

    I thought wanting to own a lightsaber would push the score up.
  10. HA....

    6.1144%, Poser

    and I'm a systems admin!!!

  11. 78.38629% - Geek God

    :) Hell yes!!!

    And I have the body of a god to back it up...

  12. That's some hard core geek work Steve. Congratulations.

  13. 29.5858% - Total Geek


    (booked the bike in to Gassit Motorcycles today, and I get paid on Tuesday... I'll soon be back on two wheels!)

  14. All Hail his Geekness!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. 29.78304%

    played magic in high school (for a little while)
    used to help run/organise LAN parties... of between 5 and 350 people.

    now i'm a rebel with a motorcycle. :-k
  16. I think I earnt mine from learning to speak Klingon at some point. That, or being a contributing author to an RPG system...
  17. I did too - I had a White tournament deck complete with REAL Legends and Antiquities cards, including an original Chaos Orb and Nevinyrrals Disk. I was unbeatable for about a year.
  18. 39.44773% - Major Geek.

    Jeezus, don't tell the kids. I gotta get some friends who don't even know what the three laws of robotics are.
  19. 0.19% Poser. Man that's poor, didn't even get 1% geekiness.
  20. Updates" for more information. I'm sorry if you've had problems viewing the site. If you keep getting frames within frames, make sure to type in WWW.innergeek.us or just click here.

    er i do what the website says but i just keep getting the same page........ help from you major g33k$¿