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Geek Rant

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. [RANT]

    At the moment I am preparing to do my Administering 2K3 Micro$oft exam. So after reading through bucket loads of material I am going through some brain dumps to jus confirm that I am ready.

    And more and more I am getting P!ssed off at the stupid questions.
    When you have a question that goes along the lines of you have a bundle of disks that are set up with FAT32 partitions all over the place with no structure and you want to create a partition using some of the unallocated space how do you do it.

    Unfortunately they don’t have an answer that includes the steps
    Hunt down the Stupid F#$k who didn’t plan his/her server deployment properly in the first place leaving the system so rooted, and who uses FAT32 on a 2K/2k3 box any way?

    Really half of these questions are along the lines of some stupid F#$k who shouldn’t have been administering computers has made a mess how do you clean it up. Which really doesn’t bode well for the state of the Systems administration industry.

  2. My bike is orange. :grin: .
  3. :shock: :rofl: :rofl:
  4. :butt:

    Ohhh "geek' rant .. I thought it said "greek" :oops:
    :p :p
  5. I never found the exam cram or brain dump questions to be indicative of MCSE questions.

    I am not sure how many exams you've done, but I certified on NT4, SQL7 and then W2K. The exams back then were different to now, but the OS's were damned site worse as well.

    Good luck, I'm waiting for 2008 before I recertify (though W2K3 is tempting if I can reduce my exams in 2008).
  6. The testking questions are very accurate. So far I have done administering XP and DDPS next doing 2k3 and networking under 2k3, then comes the fun ones. AD Design and implimentation...

    I still maintain that the idea of dealing with systems that badly designed and implimented makes my skin crawl. I have done it before, and I'll do it again, this I know for sure, but it still sh!ts me to tears.
  7. :LOL: That's what I thought!!
  8. I think the point is, that often stuffups do happen (hell ok they ALWAYS happen) - and you end up the one having to clean it up.
  9. Always be careful....glasshouses and all that! It's a small World and that knob head who implemented the Carlos Fandango You Beaut Do It All System might be the guy deciding on your next job....
  10. Answer : Interrogate the box and build up a guide on how to rebuild successfully. Wait until you can afford the box to go off line (with plenty of spare time). Rebuild box correctly.

    Why: Because if the box is setup like this you never know what other interesting things you'll find when administering it in the future.
  11. I'm dreading the day I have to do MS certs... About to start a VMware cert instead. Much more useful. (to me anyway)
  12. Sorry to say it Falcon-Lord, but you are going to see that and much worse out there.
    I remember one business where the server had 6 network cards so the "admin" didn't have to put in a switch.
    I've seen a business that uses shared exchange accounts to run EVERYTHING, resulting in the boss having something like 16G in his tasks folder (attached documents, pictures etc). Before we patched the exchange server to expand it's maximum allowable storage space, the server would crash every couple of weeks and bring the entire business to a halt for a day whilst they archived off some of the older data.

    The blessing and the curse of Microsoft products is that with the wizards they're easy to use. So tards can really fcuk stuff up.
  13. I have faced it, and with 15 odd years of admin experiance know exactly the sort of crap you can be facing on a daily basis.
    This being the topic of my last geek rant
    This is why I am ranting here. to point out to wanabe geeks that planning is the way to make sure you are not creating a rod for your back (Or some other poor schmuck who will follow you)
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  15. Isn't the answer to everything just "Format. Reinstall Windows and download all updates." ???
  16. Nahh the basics are that you apply the technology that you are being examined on, so when doing Active directory the answer is "Use Group Policy Objects" to do the same job when doing the DDPS exam you use SMS.
  17. Yes I agree Mary causes alot of problems. Why don't we shoot her? :grin:

    The Microsoft questions are crap, and how bloody long are they?

  18. Much cleaner: fdisk /MBR :p Install Linux.
  19. They have the internet on computers now??
  20. There's the "Microsoft" way, then there's the "Real World" way..

    Don't stress too much about MCSE. :wink: