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Geek help: Whodafuq are sea.blizzard.com -SPAM EMAIL doing the rounds

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Some fcuking Diablo geek site keeps spamming my email, and includes my own email address as the return email address - this is blatant spam email.

    You have to sign up to their shitty geek site to get some contact details/support.

    Whois doesn't know who the hell sea.blizzard.com are! How's that work?

    How do I get in touch with these cnuts?

    Where can I submit their site to a spammers blacklist?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Re: Geek help: Whodafuq are sea.blizzard.com

    Sea.blizzard.com is the south east Asia site for blizzard entertainment (legit site) FYI.

    By the sounds of it, its a spoof email seeing as your the return address. About all you can do is delete the email/add sender to blacklist on your spam filter.

    There are tonnes of fake emails that look like they are legit emails from blizzard (eg: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4902842079 ). There are a lot of "hackers" that like to steal battle.net accounts for financial gains. Also, if your bored and want to report the spam email check out http://www.acma.gov.au/WEB/STANDARD/pc=PC_310294
  3. Re: Geek help: Whodafuq are sea.blizzard.com

    It's blizzard.com. sea is a subdomain in blizzard's namespace so it doesn't need to be registered.
  4. Re: Geek help: Whodafuq are sea.blizzard.com

    Thanks for your help fellers.

    Looks like it's not unique problem - there are reports of this kind of spam going back a couple years. It's a phishing email that's not from the blizzard company. Fcuking spammers.
  5. Re: Geek help: Whodafuq are sea.blizzard.com

    There is a spam mail going around at the moment from hackers pretending to be blizzard.com. Trying to get peoples passwords, etc.
  6. Re: Geek help: Whodafuq are sea.blizzard.com

    Yep I see it now. The email includes a link - I never click on the links.

    It's just like the bank type spam emails - they are easier to spot since I don't have an account at a big bank.

    Fcuking spammers.
  7. 'Blizzard' has been telling me that my World of Warcraft account is in danger of being hacked for years. It's weird because I don't have a WoW account, but I thought better safe than sorry and gave them full access to my bank accounts.
  8. If you use gmail just add it to your spam list and it will go straight to trash not your inbox..

    and obviously don't open links or emails from people you don't know..
  9. Good point. I use a big web based email client. While I thought the email was legit I didn't click the "mark as spam" option, but will do so.

    Just as an aside, I stopped using a computer based email client for personal mail years ago due to the much better spam filtering the web based clients offer.
  10. gmail is good for security and spam control.

    most of the spam is directed to trash, but you have an option to add a filter to send whatever mail you want to trash.