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(Geek alert) This is from their best programmer?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mr Flibble, May 26, 2015.

  1. Screenshot from the beginning of Ex Machina:

    (I'm assuming it's C or C++)

  2. Huh............How you say in English ?
  3. Beware the pointer... there lurks the SEGV daemon... :eek:
  4. Ahhhh, but this one is cool ....
  5. Nicely obfuscated too.
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  6. Nothing wrong with pointers if you're careful with 'em.

    Leaving out curly braces though, that's another matter...


    I wonder why they botched the C code then?
  7. Python programmer with a punctuation problem?
  8. Clearly used to writing LISP. Lotsa Insignificant Stupid Parentheses.
  9. It could be interpreted as deliberate and subtle, given that it turns out coding skill was actually not a big part of the selection criteria.