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geeezzz Im naughty

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oz_johnno, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. YUP, Today I rode, for the first time since 24 oct last year.

    Oh my gawd, it felt so damn good, Im still a bit weak, so I can see what the missus meant about wrestling it around corners (cbr 1000f)and I think the pressures were a little on the low side, but I almost felt like crying with joy as I cracked open the throttle just a little bit behind my estate and felt that all familiar pull as I was rocketed past $1.20, $1.30, $1.40...... BRAKE !.... for gods sake johnno remember your in a residential area (although I was surrounded by empty blocks of land).

    But ...... the doc says Im still not allowed to ride, so I slowed back down and pointed charlie back home.......

    I think he liked being taken out of the garage too.

    So it was just a small ride, no longer than 10 minutes, but right or wrong, damn it was fun, and I look fwd to eventual medical clearance

  2. 'on ya for having the courage. Hope they give you the thumbs up soon
  3. (y)

    Tell the doc it's required therapy..... :p
  4. I got into huge amounts of trouble from work cover for riding again before I was cleared. Bugger it was worth it though so I know what your saying.
    Might be a good time to change the oil and filter while it's sitting there.
    Ya should always check your tyres if they have not been used for a week or more though. They go hard, loose pressure. And they are the most important thing.
  5. cheers blokes,
    unfortunately, the wife noticed when she got home that the bike was not quite in the same position, then when she felt the crankcase was warm, I got the worst chewing out I have had in a while.....

    something along the lines of...'if you break both your legs, dont come running to me....'

    now the keys have been hidden, so it wont be happening again !

    oh well, it was worth it though, as the word orgasmic, would not be an overstatement to describe how it felt :)

  6. Good onya Oz (y) (y)

    A man needs a bit of happy time eh?
  7. Go straight to the "naughty corner".....
  8. glad you're able to get back on :)

    couldn't you have told her you have to run it once a fortnight etc so it doesn't have issues when you do go to start it, and you moved it to clean the chain?

    or something... sort of?
  9. Onya mate. Well done. Pump up those tyres. Move the bike a few inches every day, whether you ride it or not. Clean it. Make a point - motorcycles are not history - they are current affairs.

    Put your helmet on the dining table, start cleaning the visor...
  10. so you didnt get a happy ending then :D
  11. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  12. The jokes on her, if you break both legs you can't run anyway. Always worth it.
  13. But it's required therapy....... :p
  14. Just remember the first commandment - Don't get caught! I'm not talking about the cook here, I'm talking about workCover and the medical profession, the legal profession, the revenue raising profession, the private investigation profession who sometimes peep over the fence to see how people on compo are coping with their injuries ... The fact that the wife is sleeping with her arms and legs crossed is a minor problem. Don't make yourself a major problem.
  15. Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.
  16. it's all part of the therapy..there is no detox for motorcyclists...well there was this one clinic but it folded.
  17. good onya john go and buy that new bike
  18. Well done, now you also get the find the hidden keys game to play too
  19. yeah not only dos she hide the keys when shes about, but she also takes them with her when she leaves :(

  20. And you don't have a spare key?