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Geeezus! Did I really do that?!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by OldNotBold, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. OK, so it's not a vent-type thread, but I'd call it a "near miss" of sorts...

    Got home the other day, and after dismounting, began taking of gloves, then helmet and ah, WHY IS MY CHIN-STRAP UNDONE?!! :eek:

    Yipes, I think I just rode home with my helmet unsecured! Thinking back to when I got on the bike to leave, I was kind of hurrying, but that never should have happened...

    So this novice has learned a lesson - you have to be careful, even before you let out the clutch to move off.

    Why am I telling you all this? Don't know really. Maybe admitting to a stupid act is a bit like doing your penance! There is also the chance that if anyone else was silly enough to do this, they might not now. Just glad I didn't have an "off". [-o<

    Cheers, ONB
  2. I made it 4 laps through a race before my leathers were billowing open so widely I was struggling to stay on the bike. Had to no hand it down the back straight to do them up.
  3. Ha Ha, thanks Devotard (y)

    Makes me feel a lot better!! :)
  4. My helmet has a warning system if you ride off without the strap done up. The strap makes one awful racket on the side of the helmet untill you stop and do it up.
  5. +1. Mind you, it doesn't start happening until I exceed 80kph.
  6. when i first bought my bike, that happened to me like 3 times! I even put a sticker on the bike reminding me to strap up my helmet!

    But luckily iv made a habit of it and remember to do it up
  7. Have a routine for getting on the bike.
  8. Yeah my strap has a build in warning system as Lilley, smacks against the helmet to let you know its not done up :)
  9. I'm sure we've all done it. I normally would tighten my helmet strap a little more after I've taken off. On one occasion I reached to pull on the strap and couldn't then realised what I'd done. I stopped of course.

    Like ibast suggested, a routing is good. I had/have one but I'm obviously not always foolproof that way.

  10. I try to avoid routings wherever possible.
  11. junglist:
    That's where you and I differ mate - I will usually take a shine to any chance of routing that comes my way!!

    What he said... :smileysex: (Come on, had to be done!)

    Seriously - I DO have a routing [ahem] routine, when getting on the bike. It just seems that on this occasion it didn't save me from the mistake - perhaps my routine needs to be more rigid...
  12. If it is then you would get more routing. O:)
  13. I don't think my router likes where this conversation is going....

    It prefers wireless networks, definitely not a fan of getting ethernet cables plugged into its rear end.... well unless its the internet one... that ones okay. :-w
  14. Did exactly the same thing and discovered only after i got home and had been riding for 30 mins. At least you didnt learn the hard way i suppose.
  15. Once stopped on the city foreshore to admire the view . . . took off helmet and placed it carefully over the sissy bar . . . girls in bikinis went into the water so I rode off, thinking "Gee, that's a lovely cool breeze in my face O:) and in my hair and on . . the . . side . . of . . my . . head . . . . :eek:

    Luckily the helmet was still safe and sound on top of the sissy bar and no plods were in view.:woot: