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Gee, those "Big Motorcycle" riders are a funny mob

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by davea1963, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Bloody marvellous, innit?

    It's obvious that there's not too much of interest on the other Netrider forums for those with "real" motorcycles if they have to lurk in the scooter forum and hang sh*t on those with a real interest in scooters.

    I've owned some pretty "big" machines myself over the years -

    Honda CB750 (with an 860 Yoshi race kit), Honda XLV750, Kawasaki GT750, Yamaha XV1600A Road Star (rather extensively worked).....

    .....and here I am looking at scooters. Why?

    Well, believe it or not, there ARE some valid reasons for going "small":

    1. I've had too many tintops not see me and hence too many accidents - hence stuffed body - hence need for something comfortable... Sports-bikes are now out of the question.
    2. My other half wants to ride (as opposed to pillion) but is only 5-foot nothin' and 45kg wringing-wet. Not really a candidate for a 315kg Road Star, and the seat-height is problem on most bikes.
    3. Fuel costs. Hey sorry, but 5 kids and a mortgage DO make this an issue, and anything that get 25-30km/l interests me!

    So, humorous as their posts MIGHT be, I do wish they'd stay in their own playpens....
  2. Hi there Dave,

    Unfortunately, this is something you are going to have to get used to. I agree with you, 100%. if the feedback cannot be constructive, then it should not be made. :) but, then you get the person that says..."this is a pulic forum and my opinion is as valid as yours..."....etc etc etc... :grin:

    I may get in alot of trouble saying this, but the newbie riders are that, newbies to the sport/culture/experiences - sometimes their excitement results in the filter between their mind and their fingers not functioning correctly :LOL: :LOL:

    I say hooray to the scooters. I think they are a blast :)
  3. Dave,

    I wouldnt worry mate. Sure some people sling shit at scooterists but i mean who cares really? 99% of it is said tongue in cheek so dont stress over it.

    If you stick around long enough you will get some useful info. If you post a question and get a d1ckhead response then tell them to stick their head back up their bum and just move on, there will always be someone who will post a valid reply.
  4. "45kg wringing-wet" LOL

    scooter... yeah fair enough, i think if i lived in city i would swollow some pride and possibly get one.
  5. Not to mention that most of the scooter-shooters have never ridden one, so are not really ideally equipped to comment..
    {I might add I've never ridden one either, so I tend not to comment except in the most general terms}
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    Re: Gee, those "Big Motorcycle" riders are a funny

    First and foremost which is the scooter experience itself. I've finally got myself onto a bigger bike (a model with which you're familiar) after close to four years of riding and slowly getting bigger, but now I can't wait to get an old Cub 50 and rebuild it over the Summer. Riding a scooter is simply a different and unique headspace / aesthetic, just as a cruiser is to a sports bike. Going slow is all part of the fun. Also, at $90 rego a year (and no real need for insurance), and the possibility to pick up a strong if shabby old scoot for a couple of hundred, even us starving students can afford one as an extra bike :)

    I think his long Tokyo ad for Cubs sums it all up. NB the little smiles!
    [media=youtube]un8bas0Q9CY[/media] :)
  7. I've not ridden one (scoot) either, unless you count my old XV250 - close enough I reckon! The only comment I'd offer is this - you had an XV1600 (simply one of the greatest bikes in the world) - why would you possibly want anything else??? :p (and why did you get rid of it? Please don't upset me by telling me you binned it)

  8. Phhttt...If you think scooters cop it sweet, try being a BMW rider in here! and most of the Beemer baggers have never had their ass on one either....

    And by the way, I also have a Ducati, and if I hear another 'Ducafe' or 'latte' comment I'm gonna kill something.....
  9. Mark hands Inci a baby seal and a hammer.

  10. Ok Mark...now look what you made me do...ewww messy...(and too small for a seat cover), bugger.
  11. Re: Gee, those "Big Motorcycle" riders are a funny

    I have absolutely no problem with scooters; I don't own one now, but I did in the past. I might buy one again. But I do maintain they only make sense as very tiny machines used solely for inner-city transport in large, really congested cities. In other words, not so much in Darwin :) Once you start looking at large scooters, their advantages slowly disappear. If you compare any 250cc or so scooter with my CB250, I think you'll find my bike is just as economical, maybe even better thanks to lower weight and manual transmission. As I just posted recently, I get 3.4l/100kms from my bike, riding in the city.
    I also think my bike would be cheaper than a comparable scooter - if you care about finances, I think my Honda actually offers more bang per buck. With scooters you do pay a bit of a premium because they are sold as 'lifestyle accessories'... unlike CB250s.

    The seat height might be a good reason; I have no idea what it would be like to be that short :) Have you looked at bikes like my CB250, or GS500, or ER5 and ER6.... are they still too tall for her?

    In any case, whatever you ride... good luck.
  12. Or an Across ride, or a Harley rider, or a Suzuki rider, or a cruiser rider, or hell, just own any machine with 2 wheels and an engine - someone will give you grief about it!
  13. Or a Virago 250 rider.
  14. Please tell me you used the hammer........
  15. What if BMW made scooters. Man, the outcasts outcast! :p I love Beamer bikes. Hate the cages.
  16. I think the best advertisement for scooters is this
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Been there, done that... 15 months on one. My time on one should be titled "160 things you should never do to a 250".
  18. I thought the outcasts outcast was those that rode the K series
  19. Reverse discrimination. I have ridden a scooter and it is a completly different experience to a motor bike. I loved riding it in the city and on holidays in Bermuda but it is never going to cut it for what I do and the type of riding I hoep to be able to do one day.

    So get a scooter or a bike it's all good :grin: :grin:
  20. Get what you want, and try to ignore those who bag you out for it.

    And they're right. Across riders get bagged, BMW riders, Ducati riders....

    You get the idea.