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Geckos to get rid of roaches

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. Ok I'm a real wuss when it comes to bugs, I can't stand them and can't get used to seeing big roaches scuttling across my lounge floor :?

    I've been keeping all the windows closed at night, plugging the gap under the door and have sprayed insect barrier around the outside of the house, but I just had to kill another one which appears to have come down out of the ceiling :x

    At first I thought it was a moth as something flying in the kitchen caught my eye, so I looked over and saw this dirty big roach charging towards me....it was a quick stamp with a shoe, but god it makes me cringe.

    ok do your best to withhold the "big girly man" jibes, hey some people just don't like bugs! I'm fine with snakes :p

    Anyway I've been hunting around on the net for a solution and basically there consensus is that you can't get rid of them, but one person said the most effective way to keep the roach population down was to introduce geckos to your house.

    I would be quite happy to have a few geckos running around the place and wondered if anyone has tried this? and/or where I might get a few geckos?
  2. LoL then you'll have to search the internet to find out what gets rid of geckos :D

    And then find out what gets rid of stray cats :D

    And then find out what gets rid of stray dogs :D

    And then find out what gets rid of stray homeless people :D

    LoL should be fun :D

  3. nah geckos are cool...its bugs I don't want in my house
  4. all my geckos have geck-gone :LOL:
  5. :LOL: I think I have asked this question in the wrong place
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  7. Are you 100% serious?? I know you said to withhold those remarks but i just cant...

    You my friend are a big girl, theyre bloody cockroaches for gods sake, theyre totally harmless...

    Geez theyre not exactly attractive but unless theyre crawling round in your mouth whilst you sleep i cant see the problem.

    Getting geckos sounds abit extreme and id assume youd have to get some kind of licence for that :?

    All the army houses ive lived in get sprayed by an insect/pest mob(or whatever theyre called) and ive never even seen one in one of my places for ages. Maybe consider that as an option, it seems to work :wink:

    But seriously it would be cheaper to just stop bein such a big girly man :p
  8. haha. would geckos really get rid of roaches? just get your house fumigated.
    although i did read somewhere that cockroaches can live like 9 days without a head....just thought that might comfort you :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Living in the tropics gives you the joy of sharing a house with these churpy Geckos, but I don't know if you would want to willingly put them in your house. I've never seen one eat a roach, and they're messy little buggers, leaving their little "messages" all over the place. For other bugs they're great, very entertaining to watch from time to time hunting bugs by the lamp or taking on a moth 5 times it own size!! :D
  10. Oh, and use a laser pointer on a gecko, shine it just in front of them and watch the show, it's piss funny.
  11. well I'm seriously looking into this, I've already made an enquiry to a few pet shops in Vic as they don't seem to have them in Syd.

    Mik I assume you have heard of arachnophobia? well I dunno what they call it for roaches and NZ wetas but I can't stand to see the little fcukers...I've heard fumigating doesn't really solve the problem long term?

    I like lizards and general wild life so quite like the idea of having a few little house guests standing guard...here's a the thread I found on this.

    Yammychick, just how messy are they? and are their "messages" that big?
  12. Nah, Their 'messages' aren't that big but it can stain your walls. If you get some in your place you may start with one or two but they breed worse than rabbits.. (Their eggs look like polystyrene balls)
    They don't bother me, but if you have a partner who is pedantic about clean walls you may have to consider something else!
    Oh.. and just like spiders, when they land on your head.. it still scares the beejezzus out of ya! :D

    Vic.. I gotta get me a laser pointer now!!! :LOL:
  13. in QLD Wwe had hundreds living on and in the house ..... they do keep bugs down ... BUT .. they make a noise like a bird chirping ... which isent too bad if theres only one gecko .... try hundreds ... its like living inside an avery .. get a cat ..... they love chasing and killing cockies ... well ous does
  14. You will need a reptile Fauna Keepers Licence that will set you back about $60/year. . It can be purchased through the NPWS. You will need to keep a Reptile Fauna keepers book with what reptiles you have in possesion and submit it bi-yearly A geckoe can be bought through many websites but you will need a licence to do so and can incur a fine of $10 000 for being unlicenced and being in the possesion of reptiles.

    Also just introducing a captive bred geckoe into your house in the hope it will survive and live a healthy life may not be the best idea. Unless it can find enough water, food, shelter and sunlight it will likely die.

  15. That depends on the species of gecko
  16. Heaps out here in Central Qld... and yep they do crap everywhere but they don't seem to get rid of too many cockies. I just got an old bike out of the shed (which has more than it's share of the little lizards) and I opened the manual (under the seat) and the dirty little buggers (cockies) raced everywhere. I looked like a drug bust at a Bali rave party. :shock:
  17. yeah doggy
    i was in rockhampton .... and i dont think the gekos that are there would be much use .. as like you say they crap everywhere

    i still say get a cat .... they love chasing em
  18. lol maybe a bloody big iguana might do the trick
  19. hmmm ok. well the licence cost is no issue but I would want to do the right thing by them....I would buy a book on looking after Geckos and put out water etc. Also I rent, so when I finally move I'm not too sure I would be able to collect them all if they did breed.... :?

    I currently live on my own so like the sound of a few chirpy little lizards running around, guard geckos I'm thinking :D

    I wouldn't be very impressed if I went to all the trouble of getting them and they didn't eat any roaches though :p

    I'm going to do a bit or research on the net, but does anyone know the best kind to get?

    I like cats but thats not really an option right now.
  20. maybe? sounds like a bit of work involved though? and again if it didn't patrol the house I wouldn't be very impressed.