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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 99sydrd, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Morning , I've just come back from midnight spin up the road ,problem is when i brake hard , usually as a result of the lights changing and don't have time to go down all the gears i.e in top gear then clutch in brake and come to a complete stop, i find it hard to find neutral and even difficult to put in first it feels like its jammed so i lift it into 2nd instead
    On two ocassions while pushing down the green light comes off i think im in first then go to take of and im in neutral !
    Whats the solution to braking hard or is the gear box not working properly ? only happens when braking hard. :?

  2. Comes from not doing it right.. If you run a search you will find this comes up in newbies every few weeks. When you come to a stop and you can't get to the gear you want, try rocking bike back and forth.
  3. what bike? is it new? have you checked and tightened lincages and chain ect.
    have you tried changing the oil to some nice silky synthetic stuff as it can improve the gear box action also.
  4. Before the light goes green, you could hold your foot down on the gear lever and slowly release the clutch a bit... It will click into first then, you can then pull the clutch back in and wait for the green and take off knowing that your gonna be properly in gear.

    As for finding neutral, phizog's right, rock it backwards or forwards and try again, or again, release the clutch a bit, moving about a foot forward and try to find neutral.
  5. +1

    I find if I release the clutch a tad I can get outta neutral real quick.
  6. +2. Bike Gearboxes don't like to change when they are not rotating (ie when you are stopped). Put a bit of engine rotation into it by letting the clutch out a bit, while pressing down on the lever. Or rock the bike back and forth a little while pressing down on the lever..
  7. Thanks for that info guys, i practiced changing high speed stops while the engine is in gear rather than holding in the clutch and stopping in angel gear.
    When its stuck in neutral and won't go into first , 2 quick squeezes of the clutch and it then goes into first! and releasing the clutch slightly helped as well, thanks again.