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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by bullet21, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Ok, ive finally got my bike and have been riding a lot over the past 2 days. I just got a few questions.

    1) When shifting gears at what RPM should i shift up? its a ZZR250 if that helps, this morning i was riding home from work and i was shifting late like 11k because some dumb ass in a truck was tailgating me and i was scared to slow down during a shift. Is reving the engine that high going to screw it up? Also when turning is it ok to shift gears? because i feel im revving to hard in turns.

    2) And is it bad to be in the higher gears say 5th or 6th and to be going at slow speeds, say im on a main road going at 80 in 6th gear, then i turn of into a quite road where i have to do like 40 or 50, should i kick it down to 3rd gear? its just that ive heard of something called "under revving"

    3) My last question about gearing, why doesnt my gear change feel smooth? i clutch in, shift ease out clutch and give throttle, but i feel a kick when ive changed. Whats this business about matching engine speed to the bike?

    4) Finally how do you wash a bike? :oops: :grin:

    Thanks for the help in advance guys (all of you who can be stuff reading it all :) )
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  3. Matey youve been riding all of 2 days. Of course youre gonna be jerky on gear changes and the like. dont even think about it. Just ride it. Itll come together.

    So long as the tacho needle is somewhere between 0 and redline, she'll be fine. Lil tip tho, dont take off in 5th gear and dont kick back to 1st at 100km+. Just ride in whatever gear gives your a reasonable amount of go when you apply the throttle.

    Again, stop thinking about everything too much and just ride the thing.
  4. Revving to 11k shouldn't hurt it, but it isn't necessary for ordinary travelling. You should be able to change at around 7K unless you want to push harder. Avoid changing gears mid turn - it unsettles the bike. Better to wait until you have got it straightened up if you can.

    It IS bad to under-rev the motor Try to avoid this. You'll soon get into the habit of picking the right gear before turning.
    When down-changing, try giving the throttle a little "blip" (small twist) just as you kick the gear down and release the clutch. Not too much. This helps to equalise the speed of the input and output side of the gear mesh, making it smoother.
  5. Hey, I've got a zzr250 and was asking the same questions about a year ago ;)

    Cruising around you want to be between 6000-7000 rpm, so shift accordingly.

    As for when to shift up, about 7000 is right for just pootling around. Shifting down - 5500rpm is a good place to shift down. And don't forget its not the revvs that control how fast you take off, but the throttle as well - eg. if you stay in first gear but very slowly put on the throttle, you'll soon be doing 11000rpm, but its totally inefficient and you wont be necessarily going fast.

    Hope that helps.

    edit: also, doing above 70kmh, you will want to be in 6th - on my zzr 80kmh is just under 7000rpm.
  6. lol yeah, i figured this out the heard way, when i kicked it down too mcuh and look up the rear tyre. luckily got out no drama.

    cheers for the quick replies guys.
  7. I hate first gear. The engine braking is nuts - if I forget what gear I'm in and start changing down for a roundabout or something, I know its first gear if I almost go over the handlebars :grin:

    I envy the > 250cc bikes that can go up to a decent speed in first gear without revving the tits off the bike.

    I second everything that phizog says. The power seriously drops below around 6k, so best to change down.

    Generally only hit 10k when doing some hooning :grin:
  8. Hahaha rabbit! So true.
  9. Hehe I know exactly what you mean, its something I love so much about my new sv - its first gear is basically zzr 2nd gear.. with buttloads more power, none of that crazy annoying engine braking, etc (surprisingly)
  10. Yeah 11K is alright for a zzr, you really want to change at most at 13k Beyond that your just spinning the engine and getting little benifit. Personaly I like to stick to the 7 to 8k mark when I'm cruising around, because If I snap the throttle shut, it slows down, and if I need to go, Open up and she moves off.

    And I second bambam's comments. Just get out there and ride, it will all make sence then