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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cOS, Sep 22, 2006.

  1. so whats the secret to changing gears?

    do can you tell that your gears are damaged? sometimes when I change gears it seems although they are not synchronised.

  2. Pull in clutch, press/lift gear lever.

    Of course it helps if you are in the appropriate RPM range.

    When you get a bit more familiar with gear changing you might want to try 'blipping' the throttle on the down-change in order to avoid severe engine braking (and possible rear wheel lockup). Do this by pulling in the clutch, give small blip of throttle to raise revs, shift down, release clutch.
  3. is this on going up the gears or down?
    and what bike are you riding?

  4. while we're asking questions that make no sense..... should you put your left indicator on for right or left turns?
  5. OK cantride i'll bite. what question would you ask?
    but just in case left means left right to go right.i think!
  6. Are you supposed to use the clutch to change gears???? :shock:

  7. read the question man... it makes no sense.
    ask a stupid question...... you have to tolerate me answering it
  8. Only between 1st and 2nd on the up changes and most downchanges

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I'll assume your on your 'L's and on your 1st bike ?
    More than likely, you are yet to get your timing right between changes :?:

    99.9% of bikes do have a synchromeshed g/box,But if your speed to gear ratio is NQR they will clunk and grind, or if your alittle too gental with your foot movement, that can cause "false neutrels" or only partial gear changes.

  10. re: blipping, when you've got the clutch in and you 'blip' the throttle, how much do you open up, for how long, and when do you release the throttle in relation to letting the clutch out?

  11. Exactly what it sounds like, a 'blip' :). A very small amount of throttle for a very small amount of time, just enough to raise the revs higher than what they are.

    The best way to learn it is to see someone else demonstrate it. Keep an eye out on the road for riders doing it, or next time you're riding with someone ask them to show it to you.
  12. thanks. thats the kind of constructive responses I was expecting.

    yes, my L's and 1st bike! yeah I found that correct timing will come with practise. is it important to change into gears quickly to maintain the gearbox's integrity? sometimes I found it uncomfortable clutching out slowly, though I am not sure whether I am doing anything wrong or not.

    when slowing down and stopping. besides the safety factor, is gearing down of any mechanical benefits? I sometimes gear down to 2nd gear only and select first when I stop. sometimes when I 'blip' the throttle on the down change I let my clutch out slightly slower and I could kind hear a double rev, if that makes any sense. my guess is that the rpm has drop and I am just letting the clutch bring the revs up again, am I right? what are the symptoms to an out of sync blip?
  13. this sychronising your talking about i think is experience/practice to my knowledge gear problems are when gears pop out into other gears or neutrals or when gears just wont engage.

    good luck an dont forget to have fun
  14. i would select this is good practise. no gearbox really needs or likes being put into first without being stationary. if 2nd whinges just give it a touch more if ur moving at all it will pick it up