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Gears in 1993 Suzuki Across

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by stevensaaron, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. HI i am a newbie to this site (I live across the ditch). I ride a 1993 suzuki across. when changing gears it feels quite clunky. changing from 1st - 2nd (through neutral) it get stuck on nuetral then i have to chang in to 2nd again. and it sound like something is rattling. then sometimes it is sweet as. but 60% of the time it is the latter situation. what should i do. thanks.

  2. Hi mate i have a 93 across too, mine wasnt too bad but i put it in for a service and they put new oil in it which made it feel better. I also adjusted the gear lever down a touch and i never hit neutral now.
  3. What is a Cam Chain Tensioner? Where is it on the bike? is it the place on the back wheel where you tighten the chain.
  4. Where can i get a Workshop manual for my bike. and a owners manual.
  5. The cam chain tensioner would be refering to the timing chain which is in the motor. If you type in suzuki across manual in google there are some really helpful pages and workshop manual too. If you cant find it i can look where i saved a copy and email to you if the file size isnt too big.
  6. Toss decent quality oil in it and dont be a pussy changin gears, Its a suzuki for gods sake. Strongest thing ever made, slam it thru in 1 swift assertive change

    You can download the manual and see much more info specific to that model.


    http://www.twincam.info/index.php?showforum=33 (direct link)

    There is also a new blog I think at www.suzukiacross.com created by one of the users from the twincam forum.

    Please note: I am not trying to poach netrider users. Obviously, I am a user of both and encourage any across riders to do the same.
  8. Yeh i thought it was the oil so I put in some engine cleaner to clean the engine then I changed the oil and it does the same thing.
    I notice a whirring noise when I accelerate at about 6000 RPM. could it be the Cam chain. what is involved in looking at it.

    :mad: I'm not a Pussy :mad:
  9. Would really have to listem to wirring noise mate, Watch using engine cleaners as some of them have detergent in em, not mych good for ya clutch at all. clutch adj is ok ? At 6000 the thing isnt even comin on song yet, chain cam rattles are usually noisiest at idle, when the engine isnt under load. soooo.
  10. 6000rpm is where the across starts to get cam chain rattle.

    I get it too.

    its about 100 for chain, 50 for tensioner and 300-400 in labour!
  11. I am going to take it to a bike shop to get a full engine service to see if and what needs fixing/replacing. and tuning. The bike is a 1993 and has done 15,000Kms, I don't know it's service history, it was a jap import at 10,000Km's in 2003 when the first and only NZ owner bought it, she owned it for a couple 1000 kms (it hadn't been ridden much when i bought it a couple months ago, but it goes sweet as, I just want to give it a "Birthday". What do I need to make sure is checked?
  12. they're fairly reliable.

    get cam chain sorted, valve clearance checked and carbs serviced (slide holders checked/replaced, float height checked, general clean) and then balanced.